The 57th Company was a clone company on Muunyon. Led by Captian Sysss and Jedi Qu Yon Shun, the company was the sent to the ice planet of Muunyon to hunt down remnants of the seperatists in the last weeks of the clone wars. What started as a co-ordinated air and ground sweep turned into a bloody cityfight.

Battle of Muunyon

The 144 men of 57th company began their assault in low-flying LAAT gunships. On the ground, colums of TX-130S' raced down the destroyed roads. The clone troopers who had remained alive after the seperatist anti air attack took positions and dropped down on cables outside the Republic Embassy. Using this as a front line command, Captian Sysss ordered all platoons to conduct a sweep of the capital city and eliminate all seperatist resistance. By the next day, every squad was pinned down and cut off by battle droids and sep mercs. This went on for the next few days, with clones stuck on unknown street corners fighting for their lives.

Relief eventualy came in the form of 89th company who would lead a convoy of TX-130s' to rescue the bogged down troopers.

Still, even with a new company, the republic was still outnumbered by the seps who forced them back to the republic embassy. Jedi Qu Yon Shun would lead a number of night raids but would only serve to deplete his own men. Eventualy the battle droids were deactivated by Lord Vader and the clones were forced to kill Qu Yon Shun. Still sep mercs remained but without the battle droids they were easily despatched. With that, the remaining clones (an estimated 30 clones all together) were returned to coruscant.


After the battle, the 57th was built back up to streght and served as a garrison unit on the jungle planet Yrenkato.

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