The Art for The Machines

  • Man perceives reality (including art) through technological extensions of his senses.
  • The art should be made "technology friendly" for proper processing.


  • Kunstakademi Final Year Show
  • Turner Prize

Do we experience "media friendly" art?

If smaller or bigger part of perception is delegated to machines, the art should be made such a way that machines can understand it (note: more and more thinking is delegated to machines!).

Examples: Internet Art (Meta tags: The hidden information just for the search engines)

Future: "First discussed in an article by Tim Berners-Lee five times ago, the concept aims to 'bring meaning' to the web by making pages that are more understandable by machines... " from BBC Focus, #169, October 2006, Matthew Richards

An alternative view of the machines: Traditionally we see machines as something strange, especially if comes to talk about senses and conciseness. Let´s try to view them from a bit different angle: The machines are integral part of human civilization - they can be seen as "a condensed knowledge" build in the matter. It is not so obvious when the degree of condensation is low (industrial age), but it´s becoming more visible when the degree is higher (information age). The computer operating systems, software, expert systems - that´s just condensed knowledge. Machines don´t do on their own (yet), they just do what they were programmed for - by man. Soon chips (probably on biotechnological basis) will become an integral part of human body - the border between man and machine will disappear.

Professor Kevin Warwick, cybernetist, University of Reading: There is moral imper*ative for humans to meld with machinery. At some point soon, machines will not just be beating us at chess, they'll be a damn sight cleverer than us in general, and we're going to need to keep with them if we're going to avoid a Terminator scenario where they decide they can do things better their way. they are already capable of adapting and learning the best way of carrying out a task, and they often come up with solutions that we would never have predicted. So, in their own way, they could be seen as having wills, desires and drives - and I'm not talking about hard drives. We need to combine forces with them if we're going to have any sort of say in our own future. We should think of a cyborg future as an upgrade. from BBC Focus, #169, October 2006

Example: - Machine Therapy, Blendie

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