All the classic children's television moments that we remember from when we were kids

List of Nostalgia episodes from the 70's classic shows

The herbs episodes from 1968

Parsley's Tail

Sage's Nest Blows Down

Belladonna the Witch

Tarragon and the Eggs

Sage's Singing Lesson

Strawberry Picking

Sir Basil's Fishing Expedition

The Show

The Chives Catch Colds

Pashana Bedhi the Snake Charmer

Miss Jessop Tidies Up

Parsley and the Circus Lion

Parsley's Birthday Party

Bod episodes in 1975

BOD's Dream BOD and the Cake

BOD in the Park           BOD and the Kite
   BOD and the Rain         BOD and the Birds
   BOD and Breakfast       BOD and the Grasshopper
   BOD and the Apple       BOD's Present
   BOD on the Beach        BOD and the Cherry Tree
   BOD and the Dog

Captain pugwash episodes in 1974

Down the Hatch The Golden Trail

Monster Ahoy                     Pirate of the Year
   Mouse Amidships                 Easy Money
   The Show Boat                   The Plank
   Pirate Picnic                       Voyage of Discovery
   Flood Tide                          Fair Exchange
   Fish Meal                           Smugglers' Cove
   Mutiny on the Black Pig        The Flying Buccaneer
   A Shot Across the Bows       The Island of the Dodos
   The Great Bank Robbery       Caught in the Act
   Wedding Bells                     A Tell-Tale Tail
   Diamonds on Ice                 Off With His Head
   The Birthday Cake
   The Riddle of the Rubies'
   Six Foot Deep
   The Cannon Ball

Camberwick green episodes in 1966

Peter the Postman Windy Miller Mr Crockett the Garage Man Dr Mopp Farmer Johnathan Bell Captain Snort Paddy Murphy Roger Varley the Sweep PC McGarry Mr Dagenham the Salesman Mr Carraway the Fishmonger Micky Murphy the Baker Mrs Honeyman and Her Baby

Hong kong phooey episodes in 1974

Car Thieves/Zoo Story Iron Head, the Robot/Cotton Pickin' Pocket Picker Grandma Goody/Candle Power The Penthouse Burglaries/Batty Bank Mob The Voltage Villain/The Giggler The Gumdrop Kid/Professor Presto TV or Not TV/Stop Horsing Around Mirror, Mirror on the Wall/Great Movie Mystery The Claw/Hong Kong Phooey vs. Hong Kong Phooey The Abominable Snowman/Professor Crosshatch Goldfisher/Green Thumb From Bad to Verse/Kong and the Counterfeiters The Great Choo Choo Robbery/Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Bakery Man Mr. Tornado/The Little Crook Who Wasn't There Dr. Disguiso/The Incredible Mr. Shrink Comedy Cowboys


*70's Cartoons/Thomas

*70's Cartoons/TUGS

*70's Cartoons/Theodore Tugboat

*70's Cartoons/Mr. Men

*70's Cartoons/Sonic

*70's Cartoons/Garfield

*70's Cartoons/Superted

*70's Cartoons/The further adventures of superted

*70's Cartoons/Bananaman

*70's Cartoons/Disney

*70's Cartoons/Shining time station

*70's Cartoons/Thomas and the magic railroad

*70's Cartoons/Salty's Lighthouse

*70's Cartoons/Noddy's Toyland Adventures

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