70 Years of Children's Television Compilation DVD is a children's compilation DVD released in 2016 to celebrate 70 years of Children's Television (1946-2016).


  1. Fireman Sam - Spot of Bother
  2. Thomas the Tank Engine - Thomas and Bertie
  3. Rosie and Jim - School
  4. Postman Pat - Postman Pat's Birthday
  5. The Herbs - The Show
  6. Mr. Men and Little Miss - Little Miss Sunshine
  7. Noddy's Toyland Adventures - Noddy and the Special Key
  8. Astro Farm - Astro Dragon
  9. Rainbow - Monster Makes
  10. Brum - Wheels
  11. Paddington Bear - Do it Yourself
  12. The Shoe People - Can You Keep a Secret?
  13. Joshua Jones - Haywire
  14. Pingu - Pingu Goes Fishing
  15. Budgie the Little Helicopter - Aliens Have Landed
  16. Dig and Dug with Daisy - The New Tractor
  17. Charlie Chalk - Arnold's Night Out
  18. TUGS - High Tide
  19. Learn with Sooty - A-Z of Animals (full program)
  20. The Wombles - The Circus Comes to Town
  21. Little Bear - Party at Owl House
  22. Bob the Builder - Scoop Saves the Day
  23. Bananas in Pyjamas - Birthday Surprise
  24. Franklin - Franklin's Music Lessons
  25. The Very Hungry Caterpillar - I See a Song


  • Fireman Sam Spot of Bother is taken from the BBC VHS The Greatest BBC Children's Video Ever!.
  • Thomas and Bertie is restored.
  • Postman Pat's Birthday has the original 1981 opening.
  • Little Miss Sunshine has the clip of Miss Sunshine watching Little Miss Splendid as taken from the Mr. Men release, The Complete Original Little Miss Series.
  • Franklin's Music Lessons is taken from the Australian VHS/DVD Let's Sing and Dance.
  • This is the first time a program of the original Learn with Sooty series have been released on DVD.
  • This is also the first time an episode of TUGS has been released on DVD.
  • I See a Song from the Very Hungry Caterpillar is taken from a VHS featuring stories by Eric Carle.

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