75 Favorite Very VeggieTunes combines 25 Favorite Very VeggieTunes Volumes 1, 2, and 3.
75 Favorite Very VeggieTunes

75 Favorite Very Veggie Tunes! cover


  1. VeggieTales Theme Song
  2. God is Bigger
  3. The Water Buffalo Song
  4. King Darius Suite
  5. Oh No! What We Gonna Do?
  6. We've Got Some News
  7. Fear Not, Daniel
  8. We Are the Grapes of Wrath
  9. The Forgiveness Song
  10. Busy, Busy
  11. Love Your Neighbor
  12. The Hairbrush Song
  13. I Can Be Your Friend
  14. The Dance of the Cucumber
  15. Good Morning, George
  16. Think of Me
  17. The New and Improved Bunny Song
  18. Stand
  19. I Love My Lips
  20. Big Things Too
  21. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
  22. It's Laura's Fault
  23. Promised Land
  24. Keep Walking
  25. The Song of the Cebu
  26. I'm So Blue
  27. Stuff Mart Suite
  28. Salesmunz Rap
  29. Thankfulness Song Medley
  30. Stuff Stuff Mart Mart (The Blue Danube)
  31. His Cheeseburger
  32. The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps
  33. The Rumor Weed Song (The W's)
  34. I Love My Duck
  35. I Must Have It
  36. There Once Was a Man
  37. The Selfish Song
  38. Endangered Love
  39. The Battle Prelude
  40. Haman's Song
  41. The Battle is Not Ours
  42. Lost Puppies
  43. Happy Ki-Yi Birthday
  44. Dream of a Dozen Cactus
  45. Oh Little Joe I (McPotiphar's Song)
  46. I'm Blue
  47. Bellybutton
  48. Oh Little Joe II (Jail Cell)
  49. Mayor's Dream
  50. Oh Little Joe III (Instrumental)
  51. Another Easter Day
  52. 113 Years Ago
  53. You Didn't Listen Ebenezer
  54. Boids
  55. Hope's Song
  56. The SUV Song
  57. I Want to Dance
  58. I Want to Dance (Disco Version)
  59. The Envy Song/The Wonderful Time of the Year
  60. How I Love Doing the (Holiday) Shopping
  61. This is Rather Eerie Than I Think It Turns Out to Be
  62. What Would Philip Fleagle Think?
  63. The Worst Day of My Life
  64. I Just Want to Die
  65. I Wish I Was the Best
  66. Mr. Dooley Revealed!
  67. A Mess Down in Egypt
  68. God Did
  69. Oh Lone Stranger
  70. I Won't Go to Beans
  71. The Pirate Prelude
  72. What's Up with Strawberry?
  73. Viking Medley
  74. Larry's High Silk Hat
  75. What We Have Learned (Western Version)

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