The borrowing of ideas has been essential for culture building for ages, however borrowing of material became possible with media.


Pablo Picasso: Paris, printemps (1912) Huile sur toile cirée entourée de corde

Raul Hausmann: Untitled (1918?)

Max Ernst: The Hat Makes the Man (1920)

Max Ernst & Hans (aka Jean) Arp: Switzerland, The Birth Place of Dada (1920)

Max Ernst: 'Ein Kupferblech...' (1919-20)


Comprehensive website about sampling, copyright etc... :

Audio section:

Mash-Ups / Bootlegs / Bastard Pop

Freelance Hellraiser: A Stroke of Genius (2001) Christina Aguilera: Genie in a Bottle + The Strokes: Hard to Explain

DJ Danger Mouse: Grey Album Mix of White Album by Beatles and Black Album by Jay - Z

Cheap Cologne: The Double Black Album Mix of Blackk Album by Metallica and Black Album by Jay - Z

Open Source Works

Creative Commons: Alternative to copyright:

Nine Inch Nails: The Hand That Feeds The song was released as multitrack composition in GarageBand format, downloadable and editable for free

Edit Open An Open Source experimental student movie

More on Open Source Movie:

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