80's Cult Kids Classics are Charlie chalk, Superted, Count duckula, The magic roundabout and The early 90's show called Funnybones. If you remember them from when you were a kid, Then you will look at the episodes.

List of Nostalgia episodes from the 80's classic shows

Charlie chalk episodes in 1987

Shipwrecked Charlie Arnold's Night Out Coconut Harvest The Sneezes Jumping Bananas The Mountain That Moaned Edward Keeps Fit The Feast There Are No Roads On Merrytwit Mildred's Day Off Bert's Boring Day Return Of The Litter Goodbye, Hello

Superted episodes in 1982-1989

The original adventures of superted

Series 1 in 1982

SuperTed and The Stolen Rocket, SuperTed and The Incas Treasure, SuperTed and The Elephants Graveyard, SuperTed and the Trainrobbers, SuperTed and The Giant Kites, SuperTed and The Pearlfishers, SuperTed and Nuts in Space, SuperTed and the City of the Dead, SuperTed at Creepy Castle, SuperTed on Planet Spot, SuperTed at the Funfair and SuperTed and The Goldmine

Series 2 in 1982-1984

SuperTed at The Toy Shop, SuperTed Goes to Texas, SuperTed in the Arctic, SuperTed in Space, Part 1, SuperTed in Space, Part 2, SuperTed and The Gun Smuggler, SuperTed in Spotty and the Indians, SuperTed and The Crystal Ball, SuperTed and the Lumberjacks, SuperTed's Dream, Bulk's Story and SuperTed Meets Father Christmas

Series 3 in 1986

SuperTed and Mother Nature, SuperTed and The Magic Word, Part 1, SuperTed and The Magic Word, Part 2, SuperTed and the Pothole Rescue, SuperTed Kicks up Dust, SuperTed and The Whales, SuperTed and the Gorilla, SuperTed and The Great Horrendo, SuperTed Goes Round the Bend, SuperTed and Tex's Magic Spell, SuperTed in China Town and SuperTed and The Rattler

The further adventures of superted

Series 4 in 1989

Phantom Of The Grand Ol' Opry, Dot's Entertainment, Knox, Knox, Who's There? The Mysticetae Mystery, Texas Is Mine, Sheepless Nights, We Got Nutninkhamun, Leave It To Space Beavers, Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere, Farewell, My Lovely Spots, Ben-Fur, Spotty Earns His Stripes and Ruse Of The Raja

Count duckula episodes in 1988-1993

1st Series 1988

1. No Sax Please - We're Egyptian 2. Vampire Vacation 3. One Stormy Night 4. Transylvanian Homesick Blues 5. Restoration Comedy 6. Mutinous Penguins 7. Dr. Von Goosewing's Invisible Ray 8. Down Under Duckula 9. All in a Fog 10. Castle Duckula: Open to the Public 11. The Ghost of McCastle McDuckula 12. Igor's Busy Day 13. Autoduck 14. The Vampire Strikes Back 15. Hardluck Hotel 16. The Hunchbudgie of Notre Dame 17. Dear Diary 18. Rent a Butler 19. Jungle Duck 20. Mobile Home 21. A Fright at the Opera 22. Dr. Goosewing and Mr. Duck 23. Town Hall Terrors 24. Sawdust Ring 25. Duck and the Broccoli Stalk 26. Family Reunion

2nd Series 1989

27. Ghostly Gold 28. Ducknapped 29. The Lost Valley 30. Incredible Shrinking Duck 31. Hi-Duck 32. Prime-Time Duck 33. Bloodsucking Fruit Bats of the Lower Amazon 34. The Count and the Pauper (I Don't Wanna Work on Maggots Farm No More) 35. In Arctic Circles 36. Transylvanian Take-Away 37. Who Dunnit? 38. No Yaks Please Were Tibetan 39. Beau Duckula 40. Mississippi Duck 41. Amnesiac Duck 42. Mysteries of the Wax Museum 43. Return of the Curse of the Secret of the Mummy's Tomb Meets Franken Duckula's Monster ... 44. Lost City of Atlantis 45. Bad Luck Duck

3rd Series 1990

46. Private Beak 47. Astro Duck 48. Unreal Estate 49. Bombay Duck 50. There are Werewolves at the Bottom of My Garden 51. Duck Ahoy 52. The Great Ducktective 53. Dead Eye Duck 54. The Show Must Go On 55. A Christmas Quacker 56. The Rest is History 57. O.O. Duck 58. Mystery Cruise

4th Series 1993

59. Around the World in a Total Daze 60. Manhattan Duck 61. Alps-A-Daisy 62. Prince Duckula 63. Venice a Duck Not a Duck 64. A Mountie Always Gets His Duck 65. The Zombie Awakes

The magic roundabout episodes in 1965-1991

Bubbles Piano Moving Let's Play At Cats Watch the Birdie Sculptor The Orchestra Pack Of Cards Toffee River Oil Wells Banana Skin Spaghetti Party Rain Baking A Pie Alarm Clock Brian and the Train Race The Chimney Sweep Road Signs Dylan Plays the Bagpipes Dougals Glasses Hide And Seek The Lost Boing Windy The Scarecrow Musical Box The Oyster The Hairdresser TV Announcer Magic Pot The Picnic Ermintrude's Folly The Exhibition Holidays Relay Race Soul of the Violin The Tombola Pancakes Flying Saucer The Sleepwalker A Starry Night Film Director Dougal Rustlers Magic Carpet The Experiment

Funnybones episodes in 1992

The Pet Shop Bumps in the Night Give the Dog a Bone Dinosaurs Ghost Train Skeleton Crew Mystery Tour Wishbone Shake, Rattle and Roll Cat Chase City Nights Night Fright


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