8 Glorious Adventures UK Thomas DVD is a featuring two season 1 episodes and three season 2 episodes narrated by Ringo Starr and one season 3 episode and two season 4 episodes narrated by Michael Angelis.


  1. Rosie's Triumph (Pierce Brosnan)
  2. Boco and the New Engine (Pierce Brosnan)
  3. A Bad Day for Boco (Pierce Brosnan)
  4. Neville Gets Bumped (Pierce Brosnan)
  5. Percy Strikes Out (Pierce Brosnan)
  6. Harvey Saves the Day (Pierce Brosnan)
  7. Thomas and the Rumors (George Carlin)
  8. A Better View for Gordon (George Carlin)


  • Narrated By Ringo Starr and Michael Angelis.
  • The Seasons 1-3 episodes are restored.

Front Cover

  • Top: Boco derailing at faulty trucks from "A Bad Day for Boco"
  • Bottom: Dennis dangling on the edge of the broken bridge from "Harvey Saves the Day"

Back Cover

  • Rosie derailing at raspberry syrup trucks from "Rosie's Triumph"
  • Gordon crashing through the wall from "A Better View for Gordon"

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