Episode Information

Title: 8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter.

Plot: Peter runs up his tab at Mort’s Pharmacy. When he is told he has to pay, he decides to sell Meg to the Goldmans. When Meg finds out that Neil is dating another girl, she becomes jealous and tries to find herself a boyfriend. Meanwhile, Stewie falls in love with Liddane, his new babysitter. Origin

Season: 4.

Episode: 8.

Code: 4ACX11.

Date: 10 Jul 05.



peter, lois, meg, stewie, rupert, neil, mort, kathleen turner, paula poundstone, brian, chris, quagmire, portuguese couple, herculoids, jean valjean, kirk cameron, sisilia, lydon, pamel anderson, tommy lee, gym teacher, jeremy, tucko bell, jake, collin ferrell, jiminy glick, the strokes, beverly d angelo, mystique,


goldman's pharmacy, car, bakesale, theater, goldman's house, dinner pary, locker room, bowling ally, james woods high, workshop, hospital, predator, adolf hitler, eva brawn, barn, motel, convention,


yearbook, condom, excedrin, breakfast machine, tab, marie claire magazine, granola bar, arm hair, ipecac, pie, chowder, plane, message, greeting card, vd, hairdo, job, les miserables, suppositories, employee of the month, butter, package, jinga, cat, videotape, ipod, mix tape, dual cassette player, radio, song, poison, lock, contract, dart, marijuana, heroin , exuma, invitation, segway, girlfriend, boyfriend, basic cable, trunk,


peter lois going out, meg babysitting stewie, stewie testing teleportation pods, neil asking meg out, meg turning neil down, peter buying condoms, peter getting shot, peter opening tab, stewie spitting meg mouth while sleeping, meg ass getting torched, stewie blind dating, brian chris stewie peter puking, quagmire transferring vd, stewie getting new babysitter, brian taking stewie theater, peter selling meg, neil getting girlfriend, meg going up on jake, meg wanting neil girlfriend, meg neil going out, meg putting neil pajamas, stewie killing jeremy, meg ground, stewie feeling breast, stewie crying, hitler committing suicide, lois seducing neil, lydon making stewie mix tape,

TV Shows and Movies

everybody loves raymond, kids choice awards, kramer versus predator, jiminy glick, x-men,


saturday night,

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