Two calls to 911, the emergency telephone number, figured in the Duke lacrosse case. Both were made on the morning of March 14, 2006, and made by or prompted by Kim Roberts.

The first call was made after Roberts had driven away from 610 North Buchanan Boulevard with Crystal Gail Mangum in her car. Roberts had "yelled a sexually and racially based comment"[1] to attendees of the party and had received "racial epithets"[1] in reply. At approximately 12:53 am, Roberts placed a call to 911, falsely claiming to have been, with her girlfriend, an uninvolved party who had been simply "driving" past 610 North Buchanan Boulevard with her girlfriend (later in the call, she would claim to have been just "walking by" instead) when a white man or white men "hollered out" racial epithets to the two.[2] As of March 30, 2006, the Durham Police were publicly stating that they did not know who had made the call: "'We don't know who she is and would like to talk to her,' Kammie Michael, a spokeswoman for the Durham Police Department, said."[3] This was false, however. On March 22, 2006 Roberts gave a handwritten statement to the police saying that she had called them about the racial slurs.[4]

The second call was made by a security guard at the Kroger's supermarket, at the request of Kim Roberts, and resulted in the arrival of Sgt. John Shelton. Roberts falsely claimed to Shelton that she did not know who Mangum was, but had seen her being yelled at and racial slurs being made at her in the vicinity of 610 N. Buchanan Blvd and had taken the woman into her car out of concern for her safety, after which the woman passed out in her car.


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