The '9th Jacqui' Cheng Awards in Sunday 27 November 2011

Cave of Forgotten Dreams and Dinosaur King Chomps each won Five awards

Winners and nominees

Winners are listed first and highlighted in bold.

Best Jacqui Cheng Friends Best Channel
Cave of Forgotten Dreams Disney XD
Dinosaur King Chomp Cartoon Network HD UK
Ben 10 Alien Alien and Ultimate Alien Humungousaur POP!
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Armodrillo Kix!
Dinosaur Aladar Disney Channel HD UK
Best Video Games Best Cartoon Television
Megamind DS Ben 10 Ultimate Alien
Bin Weevils Games The Looney Tunes Show
Professor Layton and the Last Specter DS Dinosaur King
Cooking Mama World: Outdoor Adventure DS Adventure Time
Best Watched DVD Best Planet World
X-Men Origins: Wolverine DVD Jacqui Cheng World: Caves
Yogi Bear (2010) DVD Planet Earth: Caves
Brother Bear DVD Canada
Megamind DVD Japan in Fiji
Best Family Film Best Film
Rango Scream 4
Kung Fu Panda 2 Paul
The Smurfs X-Men: First Class
Mars Needs Moms Thor
Cars 2 Captain America: The First Avenger
Best Cartoon Shorts Best Pre-School Television
Looney Tunes (Shorts) Peppa Pig
Bin Weevils (Shorts) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Disney Pixar (Shorts) Handy Manny
Cars Toons Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Gees (Shorts) Team Umizoomi
Best Poetry Best Animals
The Cave Lion
The Spoon Elephant
The Dinner Me Panda
The Girl and the Monster Dog
Two Panda Frog

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