Type: Location, Space Station

A12-76 was built 100 years before the Clone wars just off of the Htdian Way Trade Route on the outer Rim, It is owned by a small transport compny based in the core worlds. The station was originally a Re-supply and refueling depot for the Companies ships but it's location attracted crimminal elements.

The station grew over the years Adding more Hanger Bays, docking ports and a commercial deck within the station. During the clone wars its location made it a perfect placefor refugees from destroyed world to assemble before finding a new home somewhere else in he galaxy.

One of the more notable places within the Station is 'Zeek's Cantina', it'saplace where all the Mercenaries and smugglers in the sectorgo to find work, lie low or even sell their goods. The owner Zeek has a huge stake in Smuggling and Mercenary activities known to be the guy who can get things done or delivered wihout imperial intanglements.

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