Model Number: AA-NS01-V
Code Name: Vidar Gundam
Unit Type: Prototype Mobile Fighter
Manufacturer: IsoTech
Operator: Kane Landon Seeger
Accommodations: pilot only, in 360 degree cockpit using Mobile Trace System and Core Lander
Dimensions: Head Height 16.9 meters
Weight: empty 7.8 metric tons; max gross 22.4 metric tons
Construction: Gundarium Alloy Super-Ceramic Composite Rare Metal Hybrid
Powerplant: Ultracompact Fusion Reactor, output rated at 4,600 kW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 2 x 33,121 kg; calf thrusters: 2 x 22,074 kg; vernier thrusters/apogee motors: 20
Performance: maximum thruster acceleration 4.9 G
Sensor Range: 11,470 meters
Equipment and Design Features: Berserker System
Fixed Armaments: 4 x 60mm Vulcan, fire-linked, mounted on head; 2 x 110mm Mega Machine Cannon, fire-linked, mounted on torso; 6 x Low-Power Beam Cannon, emitter barrels mounted as fingers in hands
Optional Fixed Armaments: 2 x Heat Edge Knife, stored on hips, hand-carried in use; "Laevateinn" 14.96 meter customized Anti-Ship Sword, stored on back, hand-carried in use
Remote Armaments: 10 x Spike Bits, stored all over frame
Ultimate Attack(s): Ragnarok

Technical and Historical Notes

The menacing AA-NS01-V Vidar Gundam was designed and created by the cooperation of the companies known as IsoTech and the Diana Institute, the very first machine in the upcoming Norse Series. For the most part, this particular model was made with an intention of fulfilling their needs for the test run of the line. Though upon the completion of the mobile fighter, the makers of the Vidar Gundam would quickly find that through establishing strong roots when in the process of producing it that they would have made something utterly top notch. Apparently the project was heading for success, and it didn't take too long for them to figure out that this would further their research into the units soon to follow as well. IsoTech engineers had based the entire existence of their prototype from that of the teachings from Norse mythology. The particular blueprint used for this mobile fighter was taken from the one and only deity of silence and vengeance, Vidar. They wanted to utilize one of the more brutal and fearsome gods from the religion of ancient Scandinavia for the simple reasoning these two things were traits found in true warriors. To add to this fear factor, vulcans, mega machine cannons, six massive fingers equipped with powerful beam cannons, and ten large spikes were added to protrude all over their newly found god of retribution. All the pointed obstructions with the power to be launched outward at once to impale targets, all with the power to be controlled by remote, all protected by five layers of anti-beam coating, all with beam chains trailing them so that they may ensnare targets, and all with strong explosive devices within their thick shells. And in order to continue this gimmick of Nordic fables, they even gave the mobile fighter a weapon named after the sword of legend found in the tattered scriptures of the mythology.

The sword was called Laevateinn, the sword that was forged only for the great hands of a god, the sword that could fight without ever being wielded, and the sword that made its user ultimately invulnerable in battle. Amazingly enough, the new sword was also designed rather closely by IsoTech to the guidelines of the myth that were its one and absolute lifeline. The AA-NS01-V Vidar Gundam's blade is that of an anti-ship sword that not only can be controlled by remote so that the mobile fighter does not have to grip it to be utilized, but Laevateinn also recognizes the handplugs of the user wielding it so that it may send an electrical charge powerful enough to fry the circuits within the limbs of any machine attempting to hold the sword other than its own master. Everything matched up to the sword of olden times, but there was one last ability of Laevateinn that had yet to be reached. And for that were berserkers, ancient Norse warriors that were known for working themselves into a frenzy before battle and fighting with reckless savagery and insane fury; therein lie the final ability of the invincible blade. Within the Laevateinn was a somewhat particular mechanism that when activated by the Vidar Gundam, a sudden rush of powerful energy would flow through it, making the machine and ki fighter within literal juggernauts that experienced heightened strength, speed, and increased resistance to pain. Circular vent-holes would then open up along the bases of the mobile fighter's spikes to release a wave of immense heat created by what was called the Berserker System. Suddenly they would become nothing less than the 'berserkers' that had been fabled so long ago, crazy and ruthless. Though, IsoTech was designing this unit for use in the Alliance of Artemis' military forces, so it was decided to create an alternative means of control outside the Laevateinn in the form of a large dish antenna so that they could override the system if need be.

But that wasn't the final feature of this beastly mobile fighter, there was still one more thing that came standard on this particular prototype and it was quite the doozy, even for it. Aside from having special handplugs that the Laevateinn recognizes as solely that of its owner's, the Vidar Gundam also has strange emitters placed in the palms of each hand. From either of these emitters, an accumulation of ki energy can be formed into a large sphere of which can deflect almost all forms of plasma and ballistics before being slammed or even thrown into hostiles. Upon impact, an explosion occurs, the blast packing an immense amount of force aimed at the focal point of the foe. This is the technique known as 'Ragnarok', dubbed in relation with Norse mythology for the apocalypse or the end of times. And soon, Kane Seeger would be chosen by the Alliance of Artemis to obtain the AA-NS01-V Vidar Gundam. With it he would learn that in time he could master not only the massive custom anti-ship sword, ten detonating remote spikes, and Berserker System, but he would also learn that he could control Ragnarok and take it further than anyone had ever dreamed of. Obviously this meant that the Norse Series was looking very promising considering the way the prototype was handling itself; most experimental units usually turned out to be unstable, faulty, or just quite not powerful enough to be of any use in combat. But this mobile fighter was far from useless when it came time to fight, the young ki fighter that was destined to pilot it would prove that fact.

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