This is the Alphabet Block of the Letter G


  • Directed By: Steven Feldman
  • Written By: Stephen White

15 Songs

  1. Grandma's Glasses (Taken from Fred Penner: A House for Me) - :36
  2. Skip to My Lou (Taken from The Wonder Kids: Toddler Tunes) - 1:36
  3. One Two Buckle My Shoe (Taken from Let's Play School) - :58
  4. Today We Can Say (Taken from Let's Play School) - 1:49
  5. Where is Thumbkin (Taken from Barney in Concert) - 2:15
  6. Ring Around the Rosy (Taken from Barney Live in New York City) - :58
  7. I've Been Working on the Railroad (Taken from Raffi: More Singable Songs) - 1:08
  8. Goosey Goosey Gander (Taken from B-Flat the Cat: Children's Silly Songs) - :50
  9. The Big Ship Sails on the Ali-Ali-O (Taken from The Countdown Kids: Old MacDonald Had a Farm) - 1:35
  10. My Aunt Came Back (Taken from Barney Live in New York City) - 1:02
  11. London Bridge (Taken from Barney Live in New York City) - 1:12
  12. The Best Book of All (Taken from Songs Kids Love to Sing 2) - :49
  13. Bingo (Taken from The Countdown Kids: Old MacDonald Had a Farm) - 1:36
  14. Joshua Giraffe (Taken from Raffi: Baby Beluga) - 6:03
  15. Swing and Sway (Taken from Joe Scruggs: Even Trolls Have Moms) - 7:21


Distributed By Lyrick Studios & Warner Home Video


  • 36 Minutes


February 15, 2000


  1. Lyrick Studios FBI Warning
  2. Lyrick Studios Interpol Warning
  3. Lyrick Studios Logo (1998)
  4. The Wiggles: Romp on the Stomp Music Video - from Wake Up Jeff Trailer
  5. Sesame Street Videos Trailer
  6. Sesame Street CD's and Cassettes Trailer
  7. Please Stay Tuned Bumper (Lyrick Studios Version)
  8. ABC Blocks Books Intro - Letter G


  1. Credits (for Friend Like Me for DSAS)
  2. It's Time for Counting Trailer
  3. What a World We Share Trailer
  4. Lyrick Studios Logo (1998)

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