ABC For Kids compilations are Australian VHS releases featuring a wide range of children's television shows on ABC. They were all produced by ABC Video and Roadshow Entertainment. This article only lists the releases that feature Thomas.


  1. Favourites (Troublesome Trucks/Thomas Goes Fishing)
  2. Mixy Presents More Favourites (A Close Shave/Rusty To The Rescue)
  3. Bumper Collection (Thomas Comes To Breakfast/Four Little Engines)
  4. Play Box (Bye George!/Something In The Air)
  5. Let's Sing & Dance (Thomas We Love You/Let's Have A Race/It's Great To Be An Engine)
  6. Mixy Presents TV Favourites (Henry And The Elephant/Donald's Duck)
  7. Just For Fun (Thomas, Percy And The Squeak/Dunkin' Duncan)

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