ABC for Kids Videos Firends is a VHS Collection with Friends in NCH 1992 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


  1. Bananas in Pyjamas - Magic Grow
  2. Play School - The Sea
  3. Brum - Brum At The Seaside
  4. Johnson And Friends - The Television Set
  5. Magic Mountain - Tortoise's Restaurant
  6. The Hooley Dooleys - Island Holiday
  7. Noddy and the Naughty Tail
  8. Postman Pat And The Hole In The Road
  9. Huxley Pig Goes Flying
  10. Bump Had a Funny Day
  11. Tales of Aesop - The Tortoise and the Hare
  12. Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends - Bulls Eyes
  13. The Raggy Dolls - The Trouble with Claude
  14. The Riddlers - The Search For a Riddling Tree
  15. Paddington Bear - Please Look After this Bear
  16. Spot Goes to the Farm
  17. Pingu Plays Ice Hockey
  18. Charlie Brown and Snoopy - Return
  19. The Wombles - The Circus Comes To Wimbledon
  20. The Story Store - You Must Remember This
  21. Maisy - Knock Knock
  22. Hairy Jeremy - Ice To See You
  23. The Herbs - Miss Jessop Tidies Up
  24. Arthur Makes a Movie
  25. Old Bear Stories - Duck Tries to Fly
  26. Fireman Sam - Quarry Rescue

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