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Welcome to A.C.E. which is also known as the Asian Chink Empire

Asian Chink Empire

Group co-founded by Wu-Z, Exclusive, Sinn. Leadership changed to Wu-Z. co leaders Koda and Breaker, with recent addition of Cookie. An member of ACE can be recongized by their Asian Chinese ethnicity and the color green that is ACE's color. Usually green shirts, hoodies, hats, shoes, pants, bandanas, etc.

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This is a social group created by friends for chinese to join and meet new people and friends. ACE welcome new members anytime. There is no age limit to be in ACE. As well as ACE is not a gang. ACE is not involved with violence, guns, drugs, etc. There is a forum for ACE members to talk and communicate with one another. Events and meet ups or contests will be planned every once awhile. Usually all ACE members are invited for the meet up so all the members gets to know one another. What happens during that day and what is done on the ACE meet ups varys with the decisions and planning the leaders make.


  • Since its called the Asian Chink Empire, obviously members have to be Chinese but they are not to be fobby. Even if a newcomer is only partly Chinese, it's fine as well.
  • ACE members must wear something green at least once a week.
  • If ACE member have MSN, put [ACE] in the very beginning of the screen name. But if the ACE member use AIM, then they are to add it in the beginning of the personal message.


Ace was co-founded by 3 friends, nicknamed Wu-Z, Exclusive, and Sinn on Wednesday July 2nd 2008. They talked jokingly around about it and decided to use Green as the representing color since most of the good colors were taken. Another reason why they choose green is because when people say chinese, people often think about jades. And the main colour for jade is green. Wu-Z later at home decided to go through with it. Exclusive realised that Wu-Z wasn't joking and backed out and wanted nothing to do with ACE, reason being is that Exclusive finds it "awkward". Wu-Z then started recruiting people, mainly his friends. He got to around 10 members and he decided to stop. Wu-Z was no longer motivated in making the group. A few weeks past, and Wu-Z found the sudden urge to continue with it (reason forgotten). Wu-Z then started recruiting once again, but not only his friends this time. He got to around 20 members and started recruiting from other schools, and friends of friends. The number slowly grew. Sinn decided to stay in ACE but does not want to be a leader. Wu-Z's close friend Breaker decided to step up and become co-leader. When the member count rose to around 30, Wu-Z Breaker and some other ACE members when to get ACE supplies. ACE supplies includes green gear for ACE members. Mainly T-Shirts and Bandanas were bought. On that day a new Co-leader, Koda, was found. Wu-Z then had a friend to help him create a website that is currently incomplete. Koda decided to step up and help make the forums. Forum went great and ideas and discussion were made. Sunday September 28 2008, the first ACE meet up was held. Around 10 ACE members participated. Through weeks of careful planning, the meet up was a success. It was during this event that a new co-leader, Cookie, was found. She was promoted due to her commitment and dedication to ACE, and mainly her participation in planning for the first official meet up. On Sunday October 5,2008 leader Wu-Z filed in a request to make ACE it's own Wikia page. However the request was denied because the Wikia staff didn't think ACE had a community big enough. However they suggested we tried it in the WIKIA Scratchpad. Which they did, and it is still currently in its making process. Currently Ace has 68 members and are spreaded to around 10 schools.


  • Nerd Mafia (over 1000 members)
  • Imperial Renegage Vice Lord Nation (IRVLN 137 members)


  • Bamburgh Asian Crew (B.A.C. 6 members)
  • Berserk Crew (8 Members)


Important Dates

  • July 2, 2008

Ace was created.

  • July 3,2008

Co-Founder Exclusive backs out.

  • July 20, 2008

Breaker becomes Co-Leader.

  • August 4, 2008

Koda becomes Co-Leader.

  • August 8, 2008

Ace Forum was created.

  • September 14, 2008

NerdMafia becomes ACE's first ally.

  • September 28, 2008

First official Ace Meet up

  • October 3, 2008

Cookie promoted to Co-Leader.

  • October 6, 2008

JDF becomes Diplomat. Sc00by-sn4cks becomes Assistant.

  • October 9, 2008

Imperial Renegade Vice Lord Nation becomes ACE's Ally.

  • October 15, 2008

B.A.C. Becomes ACE's first branch

  • February 20, 2009

Berserk Crew Becomes ACE's Second branch

Important Members Profiles


  • Wu-Z

Real name: Aaron Tsang

Nickname: Wu-Z

Meaning: Welcoming Underdog Zhade

Ace Nickname: Wussy

Reason: Doesn't like to show off

Additional Info: Started recruitment and many things in ACE. Dedicated and commited to ACE. Use to be known as "Zhade"

  • Exclusive

Real name: N/A

Nickname: Exclusive, KaWicks

Meaning: New, Fresh, and good

ACE Nickname: None

Reason: None

Additional Info: Co-Founded ACE, but left shortly.

  • Sinn

Real name: Cynthia Leung

Nickname: Sinn

Meaning: N/A

ACE Nickname: N/A

Reason: N/A

Additional Info: Co-Founded ACE.


  • Wu-Z

Real name: Aaron Tsang

Nickname: Wu-Z

Meaning: Welcoming Underdog Zhade

Ace Nickname: Wussy

Reason: Doesn't like to show off

Additional Info: Started recruitment and many things in ACE. Dedicated and commited to ACE. Use to be known as "Zhade". Usually wears black

  • Breaker

Real name: Leon Qiao

Nickname: Breaker

Meaning: Whenever a fight occurs he breaks someone's nose.

ACE NickName: MoneyMan

Reason: Is rich and always got money to throw around

Additional Info: Co-Leader. Very skinny yet tall and strong. Usually wears white.

  • Koda

Real name: Ray Li

Nickname: Koda

Meaning: Random Letters

ACE NickName: N/A

Reason: N/A

Additional Info: Started the creation of the ACE forum. Very artistic. Helps out wherever possible.

  • Cookie

Real name: Crystal Ng

Nickname: Cookie

Meaning: Sweet and nice

ACE Position: Planner

Reason: Helps plan and usaully does the calling and the hands-on planning.

Additional Info: Newest addition to the leaders. Usually hyper.


  • Lixzone

Real name: Yang Li

Nickname: Lixzone

Meaning: N/A

ACE Position: Devloper

Reason: Helped developed most of the ACE forum. Good with computer technology.

Additional Info: Enjoys arguing with people.

  • JDF

Real Name: Alex Luk

Nickname: JDF

Meaning: Random Letters

ACE Position: Diplomat

Reason: Good with formal writing and relations.

Additional Info: Has alot of knowledge.

  • Sc00by-Sn4cks

Real name: Simon Li

NickName: Sc00by-Sn4cks

Meaning: N/A

ACE Position: Diplomat's Assistant

Reason: Good with formal writing and relations.

Additional Info: Into psychology

  • Dzn

Real name: Lake li

NickName: Dzn

Meaning: Dj-Asian

Ace Position: Leader of B.A.C. Branch

Reason: Founded B.A.C.

Additional Info: Likes to dance.