AD&D Adventures in Space is a boxed set for the Spelljammer Campaign Setting. It was the first published Spelljammer product.

It provides setting information about the Spelljammer Campaign Setting. The product consists of two 96 page books, four poster maps, eleven cardstock sheets (showing deck plans), three sheets of cut out pieces for tactical battles and one sheet of cut out symbols for use with the crystal sphere map. It was published by TSR Inc. in 1989.[1][2]

Concordance of Arcane Space

Concordance of Arcane Space is the name of the first book in the AD&D Adventures in Space boxed set.

It explains the rules for conducting AD&D games in space.[1]


  1. Arcane Space - This chapter covers: celestial bodies, wildspace, gravity, helms, crystal shells, the phlogiston, breathing in space, air quality, matters of gravity, temperature and time.
  2. AD&D Rules In Space - This chapter covers: ability scores, character races, lizard men, special races and classes, magic use in space, spelljamming, new wizard spells and new priest spells.
  3. Ships of Wildspace - This chapter covers: spelljammer architecture, outfitting, ship hulls (caravel, citadel, coaster, cog, damselfly, deathspider, dragonfly, dragonship, drakkar, dromond, flitter, galleon, great galley, hammership, longship, man-o-war, mosquito, nautiloid, sidewheeler, squid ship, tradesman, tyrant ship and wasp), power sources (artifurnaces, crown of the stars, forges, furnaces, gnomish helms, lifejammers, major helms, minor helms, nonmagical engines, orbus, pool helms and series helms), armaments (ballistas, bombards, catapults, greek fire projectors, jettisons, rams and sweepers), turrets, hull armor, improved manouverability, personal weapons and amunition, other spelljamming equipment and crews.
  4. Movement & Combat - This chapter covers: long-range movement, tactical movement, combat, long-range combat, short-range combat, ramming, crashes, shearing attacks, grappling, boarding, rapid resolution of small-scale combat, towing, encounters, evasion, running away and repair.
  5. Celestial Mechanics
  • Apendix 1 - Spell Effects - This appendix covers: spells in space, wizard spells, priest spells and magical items.
  • Appendix 2 - Travel Times
  • Appendix 3 - Planetary Display
  • Appendix 4 - The Rock of Bral

Lorebook of the Void

Lorebook of the Void is the name of the second book in the AD&D Adventures in Space boxed set.

It explains the races, monsters, and other things that can be encountered in wildspace.[1]


  1. Campaigns in Space - This chapter covers: getting started (the type of campaign), getting there (going into space), space adventures, life on other planets (types of worlds and their life forms, monsters by world type, monster appearance and change in monster statistics) and landfall (arriving at planets).
  2. Spelljammers - This chapter covers: armada, caravel, citadel, damselfly, dragonfly, dragonship, flitter, galleon, (gnomish) sidewheeler, hammership, man-o-war, mosquito, nautiloid, (neogi) deathspider, (neogi) mindspider, Spelljammer, squid ship, tradesman, tyrant ship and wasp.
  3. Spacefarers - This chapter covers: centaurs, dragons, dwarves, elves, extraplanar beings, giants, gnomes, gobin races, golems, halflings, humans, lizard men, lycanthropes, mind flayers, undead, other monsters, starbeasts and new monsters (arcane, beholder (orbus and hive mother), dracon, dragon (radiant), elmarin, ephemeral, giff, kindori, neogi and scavver (brown, gray, night and void)).
  4. Known Space - This chapter covers: Greyspace, Krynnspace and Realmspace.
  • Also included at the back of the book is a Ship Information Form



  1. Planetary Display Map
  2. The Spelljammer
  3. The Rock of Bral
  4. tactical combat hex grid



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  • ISBN: 0-88038-762-9

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