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North Star Space

  • GM: Anti
  • Players: Dare(Misty), Nas(Stella), Helseth(Sam), Keiya(Celeste), Zemyla(Trine & Airy)
  • System: GURPS
  • Classification: HardSciFi

TL10 radical hard science, with clinical metamorphosis and hot reactionless thrusters.

GreatOffscreenWar: It was the United Economic Entities(the inner system) against the Outer System Alliance. The UEE won, but they can't exactly police the OSA, so the soldiers have turned the job over to the spies. On both sides, really.

The North Star is a versatile merchant ship that also serves as a testbed for a new technology: Hot reactionless thrusters. Standard reactionless is widespread, but the strange physics of hot reactionless give it double the thrust for the same power consumption and mass. While the North Star is technically independent, it's being used to advance the UEE's techbase, in the border between the Inner System and the Outer System, an area secretly replete with spies and proxy battles…

This Isn't Happening

The PCs aren't losing their grip on reality. Reality is losing its grip on them. The Overground, the Underground, and the three kingdoms all have agents in play, but nobody's playing with their cards face up.

Who can you trust? That's easy. Nobody. Who do you align with anyway? That's harder. The answer might be the same.

Persona: Arcadia

  • GM: Nasrudtih
  • Players: Any who are available
  • System: Monster Hearts
  • Classification: Science Fiction, Fantasy

The players are the first generation born on the distant colony world of Arcadia. Transhumanism is widespread, but things aren't idyllic as they deal with the pressures of society and acute metric-itis, in an open but controlling colonial society. Then they start to discover the secrets of the Shadows and their other selves…

Open, Inactive

Persona Survivor

  • GM: Nas
  • Players: Dare(Karen "Castani"), Zemyla(KYRIE), Helseth(Adam McDonnolly)
  • System: BESM 2ed
  • Classification: Modern, Fantasy

May be considered dead but theoretically rebootable. It lost all momentum and left at an awkward time.

Katherine's Glance

  • GM: Dare
  • Players: Anti, Helseth(Michael Asbury), Keiya(Nicolette Laurent), Nasrudith(Arvel Sacheverell)
  • System: BESM
  • Classification: Clockpunk, Fantasy, Mirabilis

At the edges of a clockpunk Age Of Sail that never was, truth opens on strange vistas and stranger freedoms.

Geneforge Crash

  • GM: Anti
  • Players: Dare(Diane), Nas(Catherine)
  • System: GURPS
  • Classification: SoftSciFi, Fantasy, Genepunk

The PCs come from the same techbase as North Star Space, but with the addition of a prototype warp drive. While taking the testbed "starboat" out on its maiden voyage, something goes wrong, and they crash on the exoplanet they were planning to just look at. Welcome to the world of Geneforge(albeit an alt-universe away from the games).

Blood And Chivalry

In A World

On an alternate Earth, magic is real. The Stone Age included shamanic magic; rather than the trade and centralization of the Bronze Age, magical forges ushered in a primitive alternate Iron Age. The leading edge of TL4+4 magitek uses something like the Ring Of Fire to provide plentiful and steady geomantic mana, which powers the communication spells and created spirits and skyscraper buffs that make modern (urban fantasy) life possible.

The poorer parts of the world lack this mana source. They have to rely on smaller(easily-drained) mana sources, and the ley lines between them. Each mana area is rarely larger than a town, and usually much smaller. Once it's depleted, it will take a few years to recover, and the people there must move on. They generally travel a ley line to fresher pastures, but sometimes they must head out overland because all the areas nearby are depleted — this is when commoners starve, and everyone is in danger. The wilds have plenty of creatures adapted to using smaller-yet mana sources(like nesting in a tree-sized mana area), or are mana sources themselves(with ravenous appetites to get the power).

The nomadic way of life has prevented development of factory-oriented industry, leaving the "third world" TL2+2. People are generally grouped into town-sized communities, which pay allegiance to larger clans, but are in practice independent. The communities are either exogamous and of diverse species, or endogamous and of a single species. In general, a clan will have either all exogamous or all endogamous communities.

How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes

A new ley line formed suddenly, a glowing crack stretching between two mana areas that previously had no link, and forming a crack in reality above it, producing a sheet of strange visions. Neither mana area had been particularly safe, but the wildlife that came through was a handful of predatory species. Knights of the realm went forth to slay these creatures. New arrivals have slackened off, and tend to stay near the rift; by now, life has gotten back to relative normal.

Relative… because what remains attracts researchers, into matters wholesome and profane alike. They need bodyguards, of course. One pair end up walking the worlds -- exploring the metaverse, trying to find a place to call home, increasingly opposing some cross-world foe… and trying to understand the world they once thought they already understood.


  • GM: Dare
  • Players: `
  • System: instant
  • Classification: Mirabilis, QuantumPlayers, Modern, Fantasy

Reflections from shallower and deeper layers of reality can allow players to drop in and out as needed. However, this means accumulating Dissociation and Shadow -- and facing the deeper layers -- much faster than intended.


  • GM: Dare
  • Players: Anti(`), Nas(Nas)
  • System: instant
  • Classification: Modern, SoftSciFi

Two Isshiki Omnitech employees, on opposite sides of the globe, send reports to management about the intergovernmental black project "TPC"… in the same minute. TPC is apparently run by IO, and includes a powerful computer system where those employees were rezzed into. Did IO acquire ENCOM decades ago? Did ENCOM really exist, in a world where Tron is a movie franchise? A subversive faction inside the TPC computer system further complicates matters.


  • GM: Dare
  • Players: Anti(Valkyrie), Nas(Midori)
  • System: GURPS Shadowrun
  • Classification: Cyberpunk, Fantasy


Students Of Redwillow

  • GM: Dare
  • Players: Anti, Nas, Helseth
  • System: Monsterhearts
  • Classification: Modern, Fantasy, ParanormalTeenRomance

Sunday attempt with Bunny is dead. Returning to saturday to add new players.

Outpost Of Ikana

  • GM: Dare
  • Players: Anti(as-yet-unnamed warbot)
  • System: GURPS
  • Classification: Mirabilis, TheFleshIsWeak, SoftSciFi

Earth joined interstellar civilization with prototype hypermass ripple communicators, but the aliens are very alien, and tech has barely begun to filter through.

However, we have an advantage. The Ikana were a civilization that spanned this part of the galaxy millions of years ago. They were wiped out in a huge war with some unknown enemy. The discovery of polymer nanomachines in cryovolcanoes on Enceladus turned the Sol system into a site of interest — beneath the surface lies the remains of an Ikana outpost. Several alien science outposts(and one from Earth) cluster nearby, extracting archeological information… and conducting interstellar commerce, which leaves Earth in an amazingly-good position for how young we are.

A new discovery has the potential to vault us even higher. While Europa's subsurface ocean holds only native life, Titan's subsurface heating is localized. This is waste heat from active machinery deep in the subsurface ocean, in what may be another Ikana outpost, still operational. Are there still Ikana surviving in hibernation? Are there mechanical minions of the Ikana preserving record of them? Or is it just their destroyers, ready to emerge?

Dare@Work says, “This setup suggests your warbot is a good little bot, pride of the Sol Alliance, acting as security with three TL9^ weapons.”

Dare@Work says, “I wonder what a science team of drones would look like, given G:UT robots, and assuming infowar attacks are likely…”

Boxed Crooks In Space

  • Players: Dare(Roxy), Nas(Alice)

Otherwise, basically evolved into North Star Space.


  • GM: Dare
  • Players: Anti(Lily), Nas(Violetta)
  • System: GURPS
  • Classification: Mirabilis, Modern, Fantasy