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Welcome to the temporary ADX Encoder Frontend Help Wiki!

It may seem crowded, which it is, but once I have the time and the approval of my admin host, I'll put up a MediaWiki on my personal website. If not, I'll find somewhere to place it.

If you know of a host that offers free MediaWiki hosting, even for minimal information based on my ADX Frontend, don't hesitate to send me an email at

System Requirements

These are the minimum and recommended system requirements for the program.


OS: Windows 9x/NT4
CPU: Intel PII 266MHz MMX / AMD K6-2 233MHz
Sound: 16Bit SoundCard, Winamp v5.2x & in_cube.dll v0.16

OS: Windows 2000/XP
CPU: Intel PIII 500Mhz/ AMD K6-2 466Mhz
Sound: 16Bit SoundCard, Winamp v5.2.4 (latest) & in_cude.dll v0.20 beta 8 (latest and stable)


Nothing yet until a release of Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer is released for Linux distros.


Nothing yet until a release of Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer is released for Mac OSX.


Version 2.0

  • Complete GUI redo
  • Added Features:
    • Saving/Loading Loop Points
    • File loading via a file selector menu
    • Loop files saved to *.lp file
    • Online Help Option

Version 1.1

  • GUI Improvements
  • Added Features:
    • Target Directory

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release


General usage information. As the program keeps inproving, I'll add more and change some content around.


File > Exit
Simple exit out of the program.

Help > Online Help
Brings you here, or to the latest location of the help wiki. A new location will be provided via a patch file.

Help > Offline Help
Brings up your defualt browser and opens the help file that comes with the program.

Help > About...
Simple custom About box will appear. To make it disappear, simply click anywhere on the About box and it will go back to the frontend.


Most aspects of the interface are easy to understand. There are some, on the other hand, that are not easily understood since I really didn't add captions and the such.

Allows you load a WAV file via the File Selector.

Allows you to choose a target folder in which to save it to. Mine is usually C:\ADX\Music.

Save Loop
Saves your loop points to the file "adxfilename.lp" in the same directory as the frontend. The .lp files are simply text files with a different extension. STILL IN DEVELOPMENT!

Load Loop
Opens up a file selector so that you can load a .lp file. STILL IN DEVELOPMENT!

Opens the program adxencd.exe and encodes the WAV to an ADX file. After that, you may open the ADX in Winamp for testing.

Clears out all the information that was entered into all the fields.


That I know of, there are no known bugs, but since the program is not yet finished, I can not say that for sure. If you'd like to beta test the software, contact me at the email address I provided above.


Andos - For the steps and events needed to read certain values from a text file
Jeff - For the events to make a text file using string values
Clickteam Forums - For helping me with my projects
CuteVamp - For discovering ADX files for the MUGEN community
CRI Middleware - For making the DOS-based ADX encoder
Clickteam - For making The Games Factory/Multimedia Fusion-series

All content on this page subject to change.

Last updated on Aug 20, 2006 at 4:02pm MST

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