AJM LCPD Force officer patrolling Columbus Avenue.

The AJM LCPD Force is the longest running and top ranked police force online the Playstation 3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV. It consists of over 50 certified AJM LCPD Force officers that protect the streets of the Liberty City metro area day and night. It started in November of 2008. The police chief and founder is USAPatriot (ajmunited) who uses the unit number 180.

AJM LCPD Force unit 175 making a pull over.

The force's main webpage is on AJM STUDIOS.NET. According to GTA, The AJM LCPD Force is the top ranked, and most realistic online police force for GTA IV. The officers follow protocol and restrictions, as well as a strict code and law. All officers must have the basic body armor, a pistol, and a patrol cruiser. The force even has at least one dispatcher at all times for patrols.


AJM LCPD Force divisions. Police, Fire, and Medical.


The main division is the patrol unit, which is split into three patrol groups, each with a different leading officer. The chief is the top leader, and out ranks anyone when he is on. The patrol shifts are morning, midday/afternoon, and night.

Special Forces units are deployed when a situation arrises that they are needed. They are a specially trained and equipped tactical unit for higher level crimes.

Search and rescue is a division of the force, and they have boats and helicopters to help out. The Search and Rescue division provides air support for patrol officers. Specially trained officers use the chopper and go by the call name Eagle One, when using this helicopter.

Fire and Medics are also part of the force, and will provide basic needs and services when called upon by a unit and dispatch.


The AJM LCPD Force uses all the police stations within the Liberty City Metropolitan area. The same goes for the fire department units, and medical units, which often share at North Algoquin Station as their hub, though they use the real stations in the city as well. Criminals are dropped off at the nearest station often times, or are dropped off at the Alderney State Prison if too big a crime is broken, or a certain amount of crimes are done. Injured people are dropped off at the nearest hospital, or one that can cater to a persons medical needs.


AJM LCPD Force Main Page [[1]]

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