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The AJM National Football Alliance, or NFA for short, is the AJM STUDIOS Premier football league. It consists of six different pacs across the United States of America all fighting to be the best and to duke it out in the AJM National Bowl Game.


  • Based upon how much you spend on your team determines how well they do.
  • You can wager money on your team. Lets say you wager 50 credits and yoru team wins, you win your 50 credits back plus 50 credits more. If you lose, you lose yoru 50 credits.
  • Simple Improvements are raising levels on your offense and defense.
  • You can do stadium improvements to attract new fans. Even improve the impact yoru fans have on yoru team and the team your playing.
  • According to the map, teams are all scattered into different leagues. A teams playing schedule is made at complete random with different teams across the nation. The teams on your schedule is who you play for the glory. Top teams will fight in a play off round.
  • Playoffs are held between the top teams (Teams with the most wins in each league.) If there is a tie in the league for most wins, they will do face-off challenges until a winner is determined.
  • After playoffs, the top two teams in the nation go to the "AJM National Bowl." AJM National Bowl Game played at a random stadium. Winner takes home bragging rights and a large sum of money to improve their football dynasty.


NEP: Northeast Pac

SSP: Southern State Pac

MP: Midwest Pac

MAP: Mid America Pac

WAP: Western Alliance Pac

NWP: Northwest Pac



Boston Baylights

New York Imperials

Buffalo Bigs

Newark Skylarks

Philadelphia Devils

Pittsburgh Steal

Baltimore Cannons


Charlotte Razrs

Nashville Kings

Little Rock Boulders

Birmingham Brutes

New Orleans Francs

Atlanta Darts

Jacksonville Sharks

Miami Waves:


Detroit Flyt

Cleveland Clackers

Louisville Boones:

Cincinnati 74s

Indianapolis Crowns

Chicago Towers

Milwaukee Weenies

Minneapolis Cheesers

Des Moines Corn Diggers:

Kansas City Tornados


Fargo Flyers

Omaha Hecklers

Witchita Winners

Oklahoma City Cherokees

Dallas Marshalls

Houston Hornets

Billings Bighorns

Denver Mountains

Albuquerque Pueblos

Salt Lake City Salt Licks


Reno Outlaws

Las Vegas Dollars

Phoenix Mesas

San Francisco Fog

San Jose Triggers

Los Angeles Jackels

San Diego Patrol

Honolulu Cyclones


Anchorage Ice Storm

Everett Bluetips

Seattle Reign

Spokane Rapids

Yakima Suns

Vancouver Vipers

Portland Pines

Eugene Warriors

Boise Blades


January 14, 2009, the NFA was released to AJM STUDIOS. On November 22nd, 2009, the NFA was closed down officially, until further notice.