The AJM PS3 Network is a gaming community online full of AJM STUDIOS members, as well as outside members who communicate and work together in AJM PS3 supported games.

Current games on the roster are,

Grand Theft Auto IV has the biggest following of AJM PS3 Network players, with over 100 people in contact regularly. This is also the home to the AJM LCPD Force. The force has over 20 full time officers, 90 reserve, and many more reserve officers that can be called upon. They are the longest running and most professional online police force according to

AJM LCPD Force officer patrolling Columbus Avenue.

Madden has a meager sized AJM PS3 following. It had a failed attempt at a AJM Madden league online. Games are still played among members if invited. it focuses on the current Madden game and into future games.

Far Cry 2 is the second most played AJM PS3 Network game, with a huge map community, and a large database of AJM made maps, from a fictional African territory, that all fit together and have a backstory. The AJM Community plays as teams and against each others, earns points, and has become a fairly well known group on the Far Cry 2 community.

Gran Turismo group is awaiting the release of Gran Turismo 5 to race online. The thread will focus on the upcoming game and future ones after that.

There are no games predicted to be added to the list yet, except the next GTA game.

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