Pre-Site Times

During the year of 2004, Ron Reports prospered at Gametalk, a website for people to chat at about video games and pointless stuff. Ronstoppable (Ron) started making his Ron Reports at Gametalk with the support of KimPossible (Kim) and NASCAR_RULES (USAPatriot.) The goal was to always hit 100 posts, then the thread would close. 100 posts was a lot of posts for Gametalk and the Ron Reports were well known because of that. As time went on, new people participated in the Ron Reports such as people like elf Jedi Teen, Dark Night Leader X, Vampire lord X, Unwanted, Ubs, #1 Link Fan, Drk Dragon 2000, DarkGirl with Dragon Wings, HBKFANS#1, Noise Tank, Killer Boy24(Killerboy), ShiningforceNeo, Lk227, and Link 619. There were many more, but some of those people transfered over to AJM STUDIOS.NET when it was created later. The Ron Report shared a very touching Christmas and New Years program that got many people choked up, and had a great time. It was not until 2005 that a reality took place and was created.

2005: The Creation

USAPatriot decided to create a site using Proboards message boards systems to make a site to help him and his friends at school complete school work more efficiantly, especially for a big science project they were all working on. When Ron heard this, opportunity struck. When word of this new "planned" site took place, Ron, USAPatriot, and Kim all tried to rally support for the new site, and many said they would be excited to follow over. It was advertised that the famous Gametalk Ron Reports would move over to their own website. The site never was used for homework purposes as it was meant to be, and instead became home to the Ron Reports, and would grow into something much more then that. USAPatriot created AJM STUDIOS.COM on May 19th, 2005. Immediately members from Gametalk moved over to AJM STUDIOS.COM. Also other members from a Kim Possible fansite called Ron moved over to AJM STUDIOS.COM after hearing about these mysterious thigns called Ron Reports. Many stayed, but a lot of friends from Gametalk were lost to never be seen again, since they never switched over to the new site. Still within it's early months, USAPatriot renamed AJM STUDIOS.COM to it's current name, AJM STUDIOS.NET. The exact date is unknown. During the summer, AJM STUDIOS.NET exploded and grew. Over 4,000 posts were made within a short time period. While still learning the site, a administrator accidentally deleted all the 4,000 posts, and the site was devastated. Having to start over the site grew again well past the number during the busy fun summer months of growing and learning. During this first summer, AJM STUDIOS.NET's major members were, USAPatriot, Ron, Kim, Ubs(Who was a guest at this time still), Killerboy, Sven, Xanderm, Phil, Frankie, Mtnron, Erin, Joeducttape, and Fredmickmuffin. Later in the year, many new thigns came to AJM STUDIOS.NET including some threads no logner around, but were famous. USAPatriot's "Your Day Oh Hey", was a very popular chat thread started in late 2005. Ubs started his poll tallies as a guest and Ron had is Ron Reports goign strong, now hitting over 1,000 posts! A Large Christmas party made a strong imapct at the end of that year. A strong unity grew on the site that carried over to 2006.


A year of major changes as the site started to grow to outstanding numbers. The very first brand new board ever so far to be created on AJM STUDIOS.NET was "Your Community" which was later changed to "Your Community Office" when all the baord names changed to replicate the inside of a building, the AJM STUDIOS Building. Many new members came to the site, but many members were seen to be not "regualrs" like the old ones and had a new face to them. The joined, to not post much, or never coem again. A few were an exception, but it had the whole site community wonder what was going on. A new breed of members came o nthe site with the addition of "Your Community Office," a breed nicknamed "City Buffs." A term unofficially given to members who enjoy the city development section within the board. The famous "AJM STUDIOS Northwest Photo Journey" was also created this year. Art work became very popular and the start of the AJM STUDIOS Comic became an instant hit by members, never being able to see anything quite like it before. Another chat thread known as Chatta Box that was real popular in 2005 slowly declined to finally stop in early 2007. Ron Report had extreme growth during the early part of 2006 all the way till mid year, then a slower trend began. Over $200 dollars was raised to donate to local charities from the site this year too. New members that became active this year were CorneilandBernie#1 and Jmt5887. Again the year ended with a very big Christmas bash that had everyoen looking forward to 2007 with a great sense of unity.


2007 started out beyond the realm of what most thought. Ron Reports literally died, having a month absence from creating an new one and continue to gain posts slowly compared to newer boards and threads on the site. New popular threads were made and the AJM STUDIOS Comic grew to highest rated season ever. AJM pro-Cup Racing was created and World Market RPG, both becoming huge successes. 100 members joined the site within the year 2007 and over 1 million hits. 2007 has become one of the most successful years for AJM STUDIOS.NET to date and continues to grow as the year goes on. On October 26, 2007, AJM STUDIOS.NET got it's one millionth hit. That is a huge benchmark that most sites never reach, and in just this short time, AJM STUDIOS.NET is growing at a fast rate. As of October, a new resurgence of "old time" flare has hit AJM STUDIOS. Apart from the beginning of the year, now Ron Reports are ocne again popular and have old style chats with crazy fun outcomes. Bussiest members on the site in 2007 were USAPatriot, Ron, Kim, Ubs, Killerboy, Jmt5887, Northsider, Citi, Seawa, CorneilandBernie#1, Hoomajocky, Erin, and Kimmyfan48. The Christmas party was a good uniting time.


2008 began in a big way with heavy activity that later slowed late in the early fall months. There was a very busy summer, as well as the creation of the new Killa's Krib thread series which replaced the famous Ron Reports. The World Market RPG went done and saw the rise of AJM Pro-Cup Racing and the AJM NFA RPG. The AJM STUDIOS Northwest Photo Journey really hit new highs with people viewing the highly complex thread series. The creation of the New Land RPG at the end of the year became a instant success after the failure of the new RPG, Crime & Punishment. The top members during the year was the return of Phil. Dr. Belch gained status and USAPatriot, Ubs, Ron, Kim, Ubs, Killerboy, Citi, Seawa, CorneilandBernie#1, Hoomajocky, BaltoRacing, former Kimmyfan48, and Northsider. Other members that came on a lot were Randomerror and Robin. Treenbeen and Shackles also became constant users as well as Vinciummo. The creation of the AJM LCPD Force was the first non-AJM STUDIOS Based meeting place for AJM Members outside of a computer. Players could talk and meet each others via the Playstation 3 game, Grand Theft Auto IV. There was also a rise in member unification, especially through question and outreach threads. The site also supported the 2008 Senior graduates telling of their plans with photos, that made many people happy to know the AJM Family community supported them. Many members were going to various careers, some including police, West Point Military, fire department, and writers. A new member Omar it a record of 10,000 posts in record time, within two weeks. Robin also broke a record of gaining over 200 posts in less then 20 minutes. 2008 saw a Christmas and New Years party that reminded many AJM regulars or the old times at AJM, and everyone became united and cared for each other.


2009 had a slow start, but a huge outcome of members in late January. Poetry and writing stories became popular again, even more popular then Xanderm's writings in 2005-2006. Vince, former Vinciummo became the head story writer on the site and Colin one of the top poets. Killa's Krib continued to be a hit as well as the AJM STUDIOS Northwest Photo Journey and saw the rise of city buffs again, especially in the Northwest Region. New Land RPG became the largest hit for an RPG since the S.S.S.S. RPG. The AJM STUDIOS Comic made a comeback that had many excited. Early in the year, AJM STUDIOS Search was created, in partnership with Google, and was a hand made search engine that focused on results based off of results that would ctaer to AJM Members. The AJM LCPD Force expanded and had major growth with AJM members. Later in the year, the AJM PS3 Network grew from just the AJM LCPD Force, and focused on major hit games many members had and could play on the Playstation 3 computer system. It was a whole new era, and way to connect with AJM STUDIOS members. A whole new sub forum was created for this new type of communication. It also brought in a influx of new members known by regulars as the "Gamer Members." The name is appropriate because these members came to game, and explore the AJM Network. The months of August, September, October and most of November saw a huge increase of a new grouping of members known as the "Night Crew." Nightly first starting at 10pm, then moving to 9pm western, member Erin and Murray would meet nightly and have long chats and games together. Often other members like Seawa, Omar, and Trollis would join. They would often meet in Ask Erin, Cafe Murray, or Killa's Krib in Killa's Zone. A opposition from Killerboy and Ron ended when they realized it was good for the site, getting more views and activity at night because of their chats. It was during this period that Killa's Kribs and questions threads became real popular, being worn down real fast by their chats. Nightly, hundreds of posts would be written, and large crowds would be attracted.


2010 started big with the surprise hit made by member, Seawa. SEA-WA FM was a new thread in which Seawa, the DJ, would upload new music to listen to and rank. It became an overnight success. Killa's Krib opened with a brand new thread, and its 12th thread in the series. Victory RPG began works on it's soon to be release. On March 2, 2010, Erin and Murray, the leaders of the "Night Crew" officially dis-banned their 10pm western time meets, to open up more free time, which ended the long running era of the "Night Crew." On March 11, 2010, a Tacoma radio station called Funky Monkey 104.9 FM mentioned AJM STUDIOS.NET on their morning block. It is still unknown as to the exact details why, but it was along the lines of "AJM STUDIOS.NET, a local website has some people promoting local bands, check them out today!" To this day, we still do not know how or why we were mentioned.


Since about 2000, AJM STUDIOS has used the slogan, "AJM STUDIOS, Only for the Best." For the first since 2000, USAPatriot has announced a secondary slogan that will be used for a more serious cliental and audience. On August 25th, 2009, the slogan "AJM STUDIOS, Making a Better Future" was added. This slogan is proven on the site, because of it's calm and family feel that has been generated since the site's birth in 2005.

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