The AJM Studios main rules.

The AJM STUDIOS.NET Rules are the core rules of AJM Studios. There are currently a total of 10 rules (actually 9 since "Have fun" isn't much of a rule) the members of AJM Studios must abid by. Depending on the seriousness of the rule will determine whether you get banned for breaking it or not. Below is the current text of the rules thread.

LISTEN UP: There are some rules that need to be followed here.

1. No profanity.

2. No harsh actions to another member or guest.

3. No spamming the boards.

4. No excliptic and yucky stuff. (Unless you say this thread has yucky stuff for people not to go in if they see that)

5. Do not disrespect any moderator or member.

6. No threating others in the means of pain or violent actions.

7. Do not double post if you can help it. We are leanant on this one. (Mods are the exception. They can double post when explaining or helping, not for fun.)

8. Other websites about cartoon characters like to talk about pairing two characters together, thats fine, but not fine when it's two of the same gender. Anything referring to that will be deleted immediatley.

9. Have fun.

MEMBERSHIP RULE If you make a mmbership to this site and do not post within two weeks of your membership beginning, your profile will be deleted. If you have a reason, IM me so you don't get deleted. You can always make a new profile with the same name if deleted though.

More rules will be made as problems occur. I think you are all smart enough to know what is right and whats wrong.

WHEN RULES ARE BROKEN: You will be sent an email or instant message. If you break a rule again, you will be temporarily banned. A third time you will be banned for good. I don't take junk from people who choose to break rules. If you feel you are being punished wrongly, feel free to speak your case to me by instant message.

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