The AJM STUDIOS Building is the name given to buildings owned by AJM STUDIOS. It is most often referred to the headquarters building located in Seattle, Washington.



Seattle - Headquarters - Offices / Commercial / Housing

Bellevue - Offices / Commercial

Tacoma - Offices / Commercial / Housing

Vancouver - Offices / Commercial / Housing

Spokane - Offices / Commercial / Housing

There are also offices across the United States including Portland (ORE), Los Angeles, San Jose, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, and Boston.

AJM STUDIOS Building Seattle


A view of the AJM STUDIOS Building in Seattle, Washington.

The AJM STUDIOS Building in Seattle is the headquarters for AJM STUDIOS, and is the tallest of all the AJM STUDIOS Buildings, with 77 floors. The building has a large underground parking garage as well as a helipad on the roof. The building has services such as restaurants, security, and living areas. A majority of AJM STUDIOS members own a room, fully furnished and styled for their own needs in this building. AJM STUDIOS also stores a large motor pool of vehicles here, and has offices for the S.S.S.S. and Ubs-serific Franchise. AJM STUDIOS NEWS is broadcasted from the building which can be heard or watched nationally, or seen online internationally.


Roof: Helipad and Omar's roof pad.

77: Observation Rooms

76-70: S.S.S.S. Offices

69: Mechanical Room

68-61: Empty

60: Starlight Lounge.

59: Photography Room

56: Skyline Diner.

55-41: Empty

40-30: AJM STUDIOS Member personal rooms.

29: Killa's Zone, Killa's Krib Room.

28-24: AJM STUDIOS Member personal rooms.

23-22: Ron's Lounge Ron Report Room, Art Room (23). SEA-WA FM is located on the 23rd floor.

21: USAPatriot's Gallery / AJM STUDIOS Northwest Photo Journey and AJM STUDIOS Northwest Police Department Gallery.

20: AJM STUDIOS NEWS and Media room.

19-11: AJM STUDIOS Members personal rooms.

10: Your Day, Oh Hey Room.

9-4: Empty

3: Ubs-serific Franchise Offices

2: Computer Lab, Library, Security Office, Medical Office.

1: Lobby, buffet, kitchen, Ron's Bistro, Cafe Murray, AJM Cafe, Gift Shop

Underground: 3 level underground parking garage

AJM STUDIOS Building Bellevue


AJM STUDIOS Building in Bellevue, Washington.

The AJM STUDIOS Building of Bellevue is primarily offices on all 11 floors. There is a security office and AJM Cafe are located on the first floor. A few novelty items can be found in the cafe, but every single floor of the building is offices. On the 3rd floor, massive servers run storing data. Flights are diverted to King County International Airport or SeaTac International Airport for travel. There is no helipad on the building. Parking is done in a single level underground parking garage as well as on street and parking lot.

AJM STUDIOS Building Tacoma


AJM STUDIOS Building in Tacoma, Washington.

The AJM STUDIOS Building of Tacoma is located in downtown Tacoma. It is the newest building and has an LEED Gold rating. The building has 8 floors, including a parking garage which is partially using up four floors. The first floor has an AJM Cafe and gift shop. From the first floor to the 7th floor, there are offices. The 6th floor has a restaurant called the "City Lights Lounge" open to the public after 4pm, seven days a week. This building also stores a fleet of 50 AJM motor pool cars within the parking garage. The 8th floor has rooms that can be rented out, and others are owned by AJM STUDIOS members. Roof access leads people to a dual helipad as well as a rooftop garden.

AJM STUDIOS Building Vancouver


AJM STUDIOS Building in Vancouver, Washington.

The AJM STUDIOS Building of Vancouver, Washington is 7 floors high, and is located in historic downtown. It is the smallest AJM STUDIOS Building in Washington State. The street level has one AJM Cafe and a gift / information shop. A security office is on the first floor as well. Floors 2-5 are all offices. The 6th floor is home to rooms owned by AJM STUDIOS members, as well as a few rentable rooms. The 7th floor is a small gallery that opens up to the roof. Helicopters and private planes that visit this area often land at Portland International Airport (PDX) or Vancouver's own Pearson Field. Parking for the building is in a lot behind the building.

AJM STUDIOS Building Spokane


AJM STUDIOS Building in Spokane, Washington.

The AJM STUDIOS Building of Spokane is located within downtown Spokane, and is one of the smaller offices within Washington State. There are 6 floors on the building as well as a AJM STUDIOS Cafe on the first floor. The cafe sells novelty items as well. A security office is also on the first floor. Offices fill the rest of the first floor up to the 5th floor. The 6th floor is rooms owned by AJM STUDIOS members. Parking is done on street as well as a back parking lot. Travel comes through Spokane International Airport.

General Lobby | The Introduction Hall | AJM STUDIOS NEWS | Debate Court | Killa's Zone | Ron's Lounge | The Entertainment Theater | The Game Room | The RPG Rooms | Your Community Office

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