The AJM STUDIOS Comic has a diverse range of characters that is always growing. The characters are all based off of real people and users of the website AJM STUDIOS.NET. That is what makes this comic series so unique. It is unique, because the characters are unique and like their real life counterparts, except in a more exaggerated fashion.

CHARACTERS (In no real order)




CB (Cbfan)

CB is a very peaceful person compared to most, using his laid back presence to his his advantage. His character is a devout member of the S.S.S.S. striving to be better all the time, the only way he knows how. His morals and mindset is old world, circa 1954. That has not hurt him at all, but actually bettered him. He is looked upon well among the AJM comunity as he tries to make it a better place for everyone, by protecting, serving, and being a good friend.



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