December 9 2007

Nicknames are becoming increasingly common in Parkway Central High School, but the subject of this article has three.

Alex, better known as "the guy with the fro", "Saramboo", "Fromo", or "MoFro", now has three nicknames. The origns of these nicknames are discussed in this article.

"Well, Saramboo used to be Sambraro." said Jacob Didier. "That was a reference to his hair, which made him look like he was wearing a sambraro."

"Fromo is a portamanu of "fro" and "homo"." said Justin. "He is a homo with a fro."

This reporter invented Mofro. He is a mofo with a fro.

Odd apparances such as Alex's (or whoever you want to call him) fro are often the subject of such nicknames. For example, Jacob Didier's Chinese name means "Fire hair", a reference to his red hair.

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