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01. ALF Pilot

02. Strangers in The Night

03. Looking For Lucky

04. Pennylvanina 6-500

05. Keeping The Faith

06. For Your Eyes Only

07. Help Me Rhonda

08. Don't it Make Youre Eyes Brown or Blue

09. Jump

10. Baby you Can Drive My Car

11. On the Road Again

12. Oh Tanner Baum

13. Mother and Child Reunion

14. A Little Bit Of Soap

15. I've Got A New Attitude

16. Try To Remember Part 1

17. Try To Remember Part 2

18. Border Song

19. Wild Thing

20. Going Out My Head Over You

21. Looking Thru The Windows

22. It's Now Easy Bein Green

23. The Gambler

24. Weird Science

25. La Cucaracha

26. Come Fly With Me