ALONE is RED Paperclip Games's first game in development.

ALONE is a 3D FPS(first person shooter)

This is ALONE's Story

Dr. Steve Martin has performed biological test to create a new enhancement for the U.S. armed forces. The new enhancement is known as the HGE or Human Genetic Enhancement. In the process of making it, Dr. Martin accidently created a new virus. This new virus was known as the Z Virus. This virus would take over dead cells and bring back their living properties. The effects on brain cells allowed the virus to control the body. Before Dr. Martin realized it, he had already tested on five subjects. The first four died and were brought back from the virus. The final experiment survived. After the four experiments killed everyone but Dr. Martin in Bio Labs, they spread out to take over the Norton Military base. The effects of the HGE causes increase in strength, agility and intelligence. Although the subject also obtains permanent amnesia. The final experiment is Seth Thomas. His body has a natural immunity from the virus. The player will play as Seth Thomas through the game ALONE as he uncovers the truth behind the HGE.

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