Category:Admiral Mudd and Friends Site Ring We at the AMAFSR are always mindful of what other science fiction fans want. We are also science fiction fans, we do this for love, NOT for money! :) Because we are interested in discussing all kinds of science fiction, and helping fan made scifi sites, we would like to invite all science fiction fans to take a look at and complete our short interview. This should take about ten minutes or less. We will use the results to help our member sites find ways to make their sites more interesting. As we have said previously, we do not profit financially from this information, nor do we turn the information over to spammers or people who would attempt to profit from it. Please copy and paste these questions into an email, complete them, and email them to with the title Science Fiction Fan Interview Project. Please also let us know where you read this invitation. We appreciate your input.

Name You wish to be known as online?

Town and Country?

Kind of fandom you represent?

Your favorite activities as a fan?

Did your fandom influence your career or what you wish to become? Yes or no?

What would you most like to see on television, in the movies, on video/computer games, or in books that best represents your favorite science fiction story?

Male or female?

How old were you when you began to watch or read your favorite science fiction?

Do you believe that science fiction on television or in the movies is too juvenile, or has too many adult themes?

How many hours each week do you devote to science fiction?

If you were in charge of all television programming, would there be more or less science fiction per week than there is now?

Thanks for your participation. When we are finished with all interviews, we will publish the results in the Admiral Mudd and Friends Site Ring Newsletter. If anyone would like us to post the results or an invitation to take part in this interview on their site, please let us know within your answer. Please send all answers and inquiries to, with the subject title: Science Fiction Fan Interview Project.

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