We will participate in the larger [https: AMAZE experiment] organized by Scot Martin and collaborators. AMAZE is designed to study aerosols over the Amazon Forest. Our interests lie in chemically-resolved aerosol fluxes over the biosphere, and we will be collaborating with Scot Martin's group (Harvard) to acquire eddy covariance fluxes over the Amazon forest for several weeks.


  • Campaign general setup phase: Oct.10 - 12
  • Last minute setup: Jan6 - 9
  • Start of measurements: Jan.10
  • End of measurements & AMAZE campaign: Feb. 10


  • Delphine Farmer
  • Joel Kimmel
  • Jose-Luis Jimenez


Cell Phone Numbers

  • Jose: 303-328-7599
  • Joel: 303-524-2205
  • Delphine: 510-316-0912



Equipment Shipping

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