Appearance:Red Hoody,Jeans,Red shoes,Under the hoody is a Blue T-shirt,Long Brown hair,green eyes.

Age: 14

He is a Pokemon Trainer.

Hunter's Pokemon:

Creeper a Haunter

Thrasher a Red Gyarados

Blaze a Charizard

Muncher a Munchlax

Bolt a Raichu

Spike a Arcanine

Razor a Bulbasaur

Wings a Pidgeot

Flames a Magmar


Rex a Tyranitar

Aqua a Lapras

Fangs a Garchomp

Kazzam a Kadabra

Although he has all those Pokemon,when he's battling he only uses 6.

Name:Kaptain Koopa



History:Kaptain Koopa has an unknown age. He claims to be 123 which is a lie. He has a parot on his Shoulder all the time,which he named Koop. He has a hook for a hand and in his other hand is a sword. He is pretty tough but also a little stupid. He has a shell with spikes on it and big stiped clown pants. He is also a can transform into a Magikoopa somehow. He has an eye patch on one eye,but he never really lost his eye. He just wants to wear the eye patch. He has also built his own Pirate ship which he call The KK Cruiser. Also has a fake white beard.


Pirate Form: (Just pretend like it's a koopa with a snout,yellw skin,ect.)

Magikoopa Form:

Name:Monter the Mole


Personality:Kind,but can get mad pretty easily.


History:Joined Kaptain Koopa's crew not to long ago. He is among one of the best crew members. There is not much more history for him.

Species:Monty Mole




Appearance:A Red kirby,duh. Also has a sword,wheres a cloak when he turns evil,and a Hat that a Sword Kirby has.

History:Comes from Dreamland,and can fly longer than almost any other kirby. He thinks Dedede REALLY is the king of Dreamland and respects him. He's also experianced with swords because his dad taught him how to use one. He used to be a part of the Squeak squad but quit. After Puyo quit,the Squeaks werent to happy so they tried to kill Puyo. Puyo beat them up easily. One day while Puyo was walking around Dreamland he met a shadowy figure. It looked just like him and possesed him. When he was possessed he turned evil. After a few months he finally got rid of the shadowy figure but still turns evil sometimes. When he turns evil his eyes start to glow and a cloak appears around him. The shadowy figure still posseses him now and again. Puyo is afraid of it. Little does he know,the shadow Figure wants to Kill Puyo.






Weight:250.7 Pounds

Personality:Very Cocky,can get angry easlily,is Evil

Abilities: Like Mew,he Can learn any pokemon move


History:He was created in a lab,by some scientists. Like Mewtwo they wanted M3 to be the ultimate pokemon. He was in the lab for 30 years. He thought it was torture and finally after the 30 years,he killed the scientists and left the lab. After he left the lab he began causing trouble in other places. Some people were killed in some things he caused. He isnt the ultimate pokemon but he's really powerful.






Weight:64 pounds

Personality:Nice,he's cute and handsome to alot of Female pokemon,he's a little rude at times.

Appearance: (Also has a bandana)

History:He's a member of the Squirtle Squad and sometimes ditches them to meet other people. At age 2 he was found by the Squirtle squad in a lake. When he was 5 he met a Treecko named Treek. ______________________________________________________________





Weight:64 Pounds

Personality:Is kinder than Squirt,is pretty tough,and shy around girls

Appearance:Has a bandana,just looks like a regulat Treeko

History:He once lived in a jungle. After a few years he lived in a cave an then a forest. After 2 years he met Squirt and the two are now traveling together.





Personality:Is very kind,but sometimes has an attitude,very pretty. She has a pretty big chest.


History:[To be filled in another time >_>]


Red = Leader,cocky ( Second in Command when White is around )

Black = Second in Command,not as cocky as Red but still cocky (3rd in Command when White is around

Green = Third in Command,The idiot (4th in Command when White is around)

Yellow = Is Secretly good >_>

And theres 6 other Koopa Bros I made up that havent been revealed yet....

White Ninjakoopa =The REAL Leader,the toughest

Pink Ninjakoopa = The only girl Ninjakoopa,is nice

Blue Ninjakoopa = The 4th in command,is cocky and very mean ( AKA 5th in command when White is around )

Brown Ninjakoopa = This Ninjakoopa is HUGE! The biggest one.

Gold Ninjakoopa = Often tries to be the leader but is beaten up by White.

Purple Ninjakoopa = Thinks he's better than everyone,wears sunglasses,think he's very cool. ___________________________________________________________________________________


Species: Human

Gender: Female

Personality: Is a bit nicer than Eva,doesn't have an attitude like her.


History: [To be filled in another time >_>]

Age: 23

Notes: Eva's sister,can turn into a Wolf.



Personality:Is kind,rarely gets mad.

Age: 17


Age: 18



Age: Somewhere around 16-21. I haven't decided yet.

Personality: Can be mean at times,but sometimes nice.

Secretly works for Team Rocket,Team Aqua,Team Magma,AND Team Galatic. He's someone you shouldn't trust all the time O_O. He is a feared Pokemon Trainer even when most don't know he works for all those teams.

Gender: Male

Appearance: ( Note: He rarely puts that eyepiece on... )

Derek's Pokemon:

Leaf a Venusaur

Flare a Charizard

Hydro a Blastoise

Rattle a Arbok

Horn a Nidoking

Kong a Primeape

Rover a Arcanine

Champion a Machamp


Rocker a Golem


Gust a Aerodactyl

Inferno a Typhlosion


Zilla a Tyranitar


Claws a Crawdaunt




Spear a Rhyperior

Buzz a Electivire

Although he has all those Pokemon,when he's battling he only uses 6.


Species: Pokemon (Azurill)

His Parents abandoned him while he still in his egg because they didn't think they could take care of him. He's very cute,but can only say Azurill and Splash since he's just a baby. He doesn't have an official name yet since nobody has given him one. But most I just call him Splash because that's the only thing besides Azurill he can say. He's very playful and likes to eat :P But cries a lot.

Age: Not even 1 yet.

Moves: Splash Charm


Oh and heres my Ascii if I can be a boss/character <_<:

Mr. Z:

[Z]_ (>^.^)t

He's a murderer,and has all types of weapons. Even without his weapons and stuff he can still put up a pretty good fight. He's kind of a mixture of Mr. L and The Joker. He rides a motorcycle. Some of his weapons include bombs,grenades,knives,razor sharp cards,guns,he can spikes appear out of the ground,can shoot fireballs,jump really high,he wears spiked brass knuckles and a hat with "Z" on it. He can do much more to :u. He's also a psycho so if you do anything to hurt him he'll probably just laugh or somethin'. So yeah,he's baddass :~U


  • .....*....*

Bombs: (Grenades are pretty much the same ASCII I guess >_>) ~O

Knives: --=>

Sharp Cards: [Z]

Guns: ¬

Spikes: ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Spiked Brass Knuckles: 3>


Emily She doesn't really have a home,she just wanders becuz her home was destroyed by a fire or something like that <_<. Doesn't have any friends. She is very pretty and has huge b00bz. She seems to like animals and can even turn into some. Age: 24 Personality: Can be pretty shy but nice you get to know her she's very sweet.

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