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Just a typical lecture.

Code's and standards

OBC OFC OHSA WHMIS Local by laws LEED MNECB ASHRAE 90.1 Insurance - If you don't pay attention to this it will bite you in the ass

We need to know how each one of these codes and standards apply to the topic of utilities management

OBC - Ontario Building Code

is applicable to: New Buildings or Existing buildings that are extended or have material alterations Repair Means: Any action the Chief Building inspector considers necessary for the protection of the public

OBC for energy efficiency Designed to good engineering practice such as described in - ASHRAE 90.1 (1989) - MNECB

Such: can mean for example; of a similar kind. HRV: to the standards for appliances and 55% sensible heat recovery

2.5: Climate data: temperatures, degree days, rain, etc

Part 6: HVAC: good practice Access for maintenance Water efficiency: maximum Lighting in public areas Extension, material alteration, repair: proposed construction applies not existing.

Not much in the OBC to apply to utilities management

OFC - Ontario Fire Code

About safety and protection of the occupant.

Egress and maintenance of the building's fire safety and fire safety systems NOT about energy efficiency

OFC: HVAC equipment... ...maintained so as not to create a hazardous condition. Fuel fired equipment to be installed to a standard - CAN/CSA for installation and certification

6.3.2: Check, inspect and test: fire alarm systems and suppression systems and fire ratings

Need to protect your ass with a lot of paperwork. Forms filled out: checked, initialled, and verified.

OHSA - Ontario Health and Safety Act

Duties of employer

Take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of the worker

Written instructions, Verbal is not good enough.

Electrical equipment certified and suitable for its use

Lighting: inadequate natural lighting to ensure safety add artificial lightning and reduce shadows and glare.

WHMIS - Workplace Hazardous Materials Indication System

Keep control of and knowledge of hazardous materials (chemical, flammables, combustibles)

Local Municipal By-Laws


Watering, noise (air-conditioners) lightning weeds Lawn care chemicals and so on

ASHRAE 90.1 (1989)

Sets minimum standards for energy efficiency without constraining design concepts

Provides criteria for energy efficiency and methods of determining compliance

Section 13: Building energy cost budget method

Provides a method to evauate and take credit for innovative energy design

Note: This procedure is intended only for the purpose of demonstrating design compliance and is not intended to be used to either predict, document, or verify annual energy consumption or annual energy budget.

13.4.1 Prototype building procedure: has various model for generic building types

Appendix A: Principles of effictive energy conserving building design.

Part A.10.2

Building operating documentation

Requires the owner operator to be provided with: As-built drawings and specs Operating manuals with schematics and sequence of operations For complex systems balancing and testing reports Maintenance manuals with complete information on components

LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

We know this

MNECB - Model National Energy Code for Buildings

Copies are available in the library

LUC Saint-Martin, Feb 1998

Code designed to require only proven cost effective measures

Features the same alternative route to compliance as ASHRAE 90.1

In fall of 2000 - 5000 copies of the code had been purchased for the NRC

Ontario designers have the option to use MNECB in lieu of ASHRAE 90.1

CBIP: Commercial Building Incentive Program Designs must be 25% more then code requirements.

Prescriptive method: follow the code

Trade-off compliance: reduce compliance in one area and make it up in another

Performance compliance: Computer modelling to verify compliance

Mandatory Requirements Checklist: Building Envelope HVAC Service Water Heating Systems Lightning Electrical

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