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the UCLA police incident the Students of Color conference in Berkeley the November 15th day of action at the meeting of the UC regents anything else related to our individual causes,


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About APLC

"The Asian Pacific Islander (API) community is the fastest growing population in the United States and California. This rapid growth has not been accompanied by similar growth in the fields of public policy, community service, and politics. In these areas API Americans remain severely underrepresented. For example, only 6 of 120 California state legislators are of API descent.

The vitality and effectiveness of our government depend on strong ties to the people in the community. By increasing diversity, public agencies assume a richer texture and become more responsive to the needs and concerns of people from all ethnic, geographic, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

The Asian Pacific Leadership Conference to be held on the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara offers 50 college undergraduates, selected from public and private colleges across the state, a unique opportunity to explore their potential to develop him or herself as future leaders for California’s emerging Asian Pacific Islander communities. The conference features highly interactive workshops, intensive small group discussions, exploration of leadership in a cultural and community context, and the chance to interact personally with state leaders." --taken from Asian Pacific Leadership Conference Facebook groups network

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Any suggestions? APLC peer network sounds too bureaucratic. Something informal and kinda slick would be nice. We can use this name for now but we can change it once we find a title.

Article on protests against the effects of Proposition 209



LOS ANGELES—The cries of protesters outside the UC Board of Regents meeting in Los Angeles Wednesday were not only heard through the windows, but echoed in much of the board’s discussions. The meeting began with public comments from dozens of black UCLA alumni, students and local leaders who claimed the passage of Proposition 209 in 1996 led to a “diversity crisis” on UC campuses. Many of the speakers asked for expanded outreach programs for minority students that would help them be more academically prepared before entering college. “I must make sure we’re more welcome now than we were in 1964” said J. Daniel Johnson, vice chairman of the Black Alumni Association. About two hours into the meeting, yelling protesters outside dressed in all black “mourned” the effects of Proposition 209 and asked the regents to include the protesters in removing the “barriers to diversity.” The regents then decided to add four additional students to the regents’ commission on Proposition on 209. The motion to have greater student representation on the commission spearheaded by Student Regent Maria Ledesma—was not the only victory for the students on Wednesday. Before they voted to approve the 2007-08 financial budget for the UC Office of the President, a handful of regents said the $31 Million allocated towards academic preparation was too small of a sum. “I looked out the window and students are saying that we’re not doing enough,” said Regent Odessa Johnson. “We can see too this is a tiny amount of money we’re spending in an effort to achieve diversity.” UC President Robert Dynes noted that while the hard numbers seem small, many efforts focusing on diversity are not included in the $31 million budget allocation. “The science and math teacher initiative in some sense can be thought of (that) as outreach. While this doesn’t come under the heading of ‘outreach’ this is a program aimed at opening the avenues,” he said. The financial budget plan was approved unanimously b y the regents, although chairman Gerald Parsky said many priorities—such as diversity—need to be looked at before the next meeting in January. Despite the discussion, many students said they felt the effects of Proposition 209 will be an uphill battle. “I feel like the situation in the Ucs right now is like a car wreck,” said UCLA sophomore Sarah Andrews, member of the Afrikan Student Union. “I can’t walk away, but I need to fix it. This is my university and I’m not going to abandon it.” "

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