Mission 11:AT56 Special

Part 1:AT56 Special

The next morning Hansman got up to and sat behind his desk in his quarters. Saved Transmision for Senior Commander Hansman could be read in the screen of his desktop computer. He pressed the screen and a recorded message from George Parel could be heart.

Bertus. Thank you for notiviing me about the conditions on the Firebreather. I have talked to Starfleet Command. After a 3 hour meeting with the Federation Councill we agreed to have a conference on monday onboard the USS Firebreather-A. I know that you are docked with Indrii Prime right now and it would take you 5 days to get to earth. Therefore you are to warp towards earth at warp 8. half way there we will meet you.

In the conference 3 Admirals from Starfleet Command will be pressent and a small deligation from the United Fereration of Planets Councill. We will discuse the situation with the AT56. As far as we are conserned you will continue. Ether on board the firebreather or back on Earth. This research is to important.

And Bertus. Let the helms officer broadcast the danger signal. On Emergency Federation Frequension. That will kep other federation ships away.

Captain Rantonia has been send these order too.


Commander George Parel Commander of Starfleet Medical Earth

Hansman stood up and tapped his combadge. "Captain Rantonia"

"Andre here Bertus. Is this about the orders?"

"Yes Sir. I take it that we are going?"

"Yes Commander. Please report to the bridge. Emily is on her way allready. 'We'll leave in 10 minutes."

"Aya Sir. I'm on my way." He shot into his uniform and left for the bridge. In the turbolift he met Emily. "Hi Emily. So. you know what we are going to do?"

"No. Andre only told me that we were needed on the bridge."

"Oh. Well. You remember that I always wanted to speak for the Federation Councill?"


"Well. In 3 days I will. You'll hear the rest from Andre." The turbolift stoped and the both got out.

"Okay. Now that we are all here. Helm. Prepare to leave space dock. Comms. Ask permission to undock."

"We've got permission Sir." The young ensign said after pressing some buttons.

"Okay. Helm. Disengage docking clamps. Take us out." Andre said as Bertus and Emily sat down in their chairs. As the ship slowly left the base Andre nodded to Bertus.

"Helm. Lay in a course for Earth. Warp 8. And broadcast Danger prio 1 on Federation Emergency Channels, encrypted." He said, walking over the bridge.

"Sir. ETA to Earth is 5 days." The Helms Officer said.

"Okay. In about 2 days you'll detect a Prometheus Class Ship on sensors going right for us. It will be broadcasting the Federation Councill Signal and will probably be escorted by a fleet of other ships. I want you to set course for the Prommy when you detect it." Hansman said.

"Sir. To approch the UFP Councill's ship you need to get permission." the helmsman said.

"Ensign. You have yours orders. Leave the rest to us. And all of you. What happens on the bridge the next 7 days is highly classified. Nothing leaves the bridge. Alls data padds leaving the bridge will be checked by the marine's officers that will be stationed by the turbolift shortly after this." he nodded to Emily, who pressed some buttons on her armcouncill.

Hansman sat down again.

Emily had gone into the conference room to give the marines she had sent for their orders the 6 of them stood before her O'Reilly,Bainbridge,Jackson, Pai'Lak, Cunningham and West "ok listen the Firebreather is moving to intercept the UFP ship a conference concerning the AT56 is to be held on board with luck this will go smoothly but our luck has been non-exsistent recently so we're taking no chances the turbolift up to the bridge will have to be secured at all times so O'Reilly and Bainbridge you 2 will stay on the bridge to watch this end you will check everyone and I mean everyone I don't care if its the captain you will check them for anything concerning our orders or the AT56 the same goes for Jackson nd Pai'Lak who will be guarding the other end of the turbolift. Now to further the fact that I am taking no chances West you will be stationed in Karinas restaurant making sure non of the checks have failed. Cunningham you will be listening in on every internal communications channel and again I don't care if its the cpatain thats involved you will do it if you 6 fail we may wake up 1 day and find ourselves with a mutiny on our hands. also no one is to know what is happening if anyone asks we're going to Earth for shoreleave am I understood?" Emily said to them O'Reilly looked at the othern 5 marines then looked at Emily "Perfectly Emily" "right to your stations oh and people who are guarding the turbolift check the council partys IDs before you allow them onto the bridge" The 6 marines left to their stations and Emily walked out and looked at the captain and Bertus who were looking quizzically at O'Reilly and Bainbridge "the man is Sargent Major Tim O'Reilly and the woman is Private 2nd class Liza Bainbridge shes the Marines Explosives expert" Emily said "right can we count on them?" Rantonia asked "Captain if it wasn't for O'Reilly then I'd probably still be on that warbird and if it wasn't for Bainbridge then we would all probably have been killed during that mission where we had to get the Hersheys sensor logs" "ok we can trust them"

It got near the end of his bridge shift when Hansman remembered that he had programmed the laboratory to start some tests in 5 minutes. "Captain" he said. "I need to get down to Cargo Bay 1. I programmed the laboratory to start the first test in 5 minutes. I need to be in the cargo bay to end the test. I got to do it manualy."

"Okay. permission granted to leave the bridge. Emily, go with him. Make sure he doesn't go on with the test." Andre said. The both officers stood up and walked to the turbolift. There O'Reilly checked the Data PADD in Bertus' hand. "Sir, this PADD contains information about the AT56 and therefore has to stay on the Bridge." The Sergeant Major said.

"Sergeant Major. Do you know who I am?" Hansman said, looking very strict.

"Yes Sir. Senior Commander Bertus Hansman the Firebreather-A's Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer. But that doesn't change the fact that we have our orders. No information leaves the bridge. And if it does it would never get to the Cargo Bay. Along the way you would be intercepted by Jackson and Pai'Lak." Now the Sergeant Major looked very strict.

"Well. I am not only the XO and CMO but I'm allso the person working on the AT56. Without this information I will be unable to stop the test, witch will start within 2 minutes. When they have started I will be unable to stop it." Hansman started to get very crancky.

"Emily" O'Reilly said, turning to her. "Ma'am. Permission to leave my post and go along with him to see if he tells the truth?"

"No need to O'Reilly." Emilly answered. "That's why I am going with him."

"Aya Ma'am." The marines said, stepping aside.

{1.5 minutes later. Cargo Bay One}

The two oficers stepped inside. "I hope I can still stop the test. It's a savety devise I had installed. Once the test has started it has to finisch or the laboratory has to be jettersoned." Hansman said, running to his lab. He started to press buttons rapidly. "Emily. 15 secods. Help me." He said pressing buttons. "Grap the PADD and enter the codes on top."

Emilly started to input the codes. On the screen you could see the time till the test started. "7.......6.............5........4............3...........2..........1........test aborted." Hansman pressed some last buttons and the computer confirmed that the 5 tests in query were aborted too.

"Hansman to the Captain. Test is aborted. Permission to return to my quarters?"

"Permission granted. Rantonia out."

{48 hours later. Halfway to Earth}

Hansman and Emilly had taken night Shift that day when the helmscouncill started to bleep. "Sir." The helms officer said. "EFP Ship and escorts on sensors. ETA at current speed is 5 minutes."

"Okay. Drop to full impulse and give ETA." Emilly said, as acting XO for that shift.

"ETA is 1 hour Ma'am."

the Firebreather cruised towards the UFPs ship Bertus had left the bridge to greet the arrivals when they beamed aboard so Emily was commanding the bridge "we are being hailed" the helmsman said "On screen" Emily said a captain appeared on the screen " This is captain Davidson of the united federation of planets identify yourself" he said "Lt Col Emily Sullivan of the USS Firebreather" "the admirals are ready to beam over when your're ready" "we're ready now captain" "ok we'll beam over immediately davidson out"

(5 minutes later)

the turbolift doors opened and a party of 5 not including Bertus and Rantonia walked on to the bridge all of them were admirals Emily looked at them "giving them the guided tour?" she asked "well Bertus was I was coming up to take my shift " Rantonia answered "Right well i'll be off" Emily said as she stood up then walked passed O'Reilly and into the turbolift from which she went to her quarters and began to muse over what the conference would bring

There was a problem in that she didn't want the AT56 on board but she also liked to have Bertus around mostly because they were good friends but that look in his eye a month ago just after the 5 year break when she had thought that he was holding something back in truth Emily was as well she was very fond of him that was why she had asked him out but she was so used to being on her own since her borg days that having a close friend like Bertus was something unexpected but she felt she could cope with it.

Andre sat as the admirals entered the Firebreathers conference room. "Captain." The Highest ranked admiral said. "Welcome Sir" Andre replied. They sat down and Bertus and Sullivan flanked Andre. "MEeting started. We 3 agree that Superior Commander Hansman should continue experimenting onboard the USS Firebreather." Andre stood up. "I do not wish to disagree with my friends but I think he should stop all experimnenting immediately! It is a threat to the UFP!" he stated. "Captain, sit down!" an Admiral said. "We will vote then! All in favour of Commander Hansman continuing?" 5 Hands went up. "those against?" Andre raised his hand. "There we have it! Hansman may continue!" he concluded. "I object!" Andre shouted. "Captain your position of authority can be removed!" "I don't care, it is dangerous to continue!" "We have said it is not, so it will continue!" "Not on my ship!" "Captain Rantonia, under Regulation 104 section A you are relieved of command of the USS Firebreather pending further investigation." "No!" "Yes, Security, remove this man!" Three security officers walked in and dragged Andre out, his eyes stayed focused on the Admiral.

Later the Admiral, called Jevri Ke'yes, an Orion, stood in the ready room, now vacated of Andres posessions, with Bertus. "Superior Commander Hansman, you are hereby promoted to Captain, and placed in Command of the USS FIrebreather-A, congratulations."

When Rantonia had been dragged out of the Conference Room and Bertus had been promoted everything went quiete for a moment. "Admirals" Hansman said after a while "I must object. I knew that I would be Captain of the Firebreather one day, and to tell you the truth I allways hoped I would become the Captain once day, but I never wanted the position this way. Captain Rantonia is a good officer. Okay. He disagrees on the AT56 but why is that such a big problem? All of you know that the AT56 is dangerous too. At least untill I have found a way to stabalize it."

"Captain, you have done everything to secure the safety of the USS Firebreather-A right?" Hansman nodded "Well then. More then that you can't do. Our orders stand. You are to continue your research and experiments on the AT56 and remain Commanding Officer of the USS Firebreather-A. Topic closed."

Hansman nodded. "Well then. If you gentleman would excuse me. I have a ship to command." Bertus sat, with sarcasm in his voice but the Admirals ignored it.

"Next topic of discusion. What happens to the AT56 after the project is complete?" The highest ranking Admiral asked, in general.

"Well Sir. The AT56 is a drug that can cure allmost every decease known to mankind. It will be a great assit to every Sickbay in the fleet, every doctor and any other medical man. I'm sure that other species would love to have it too. Klingons, Romulans and others will try to optain it." Hansman said, handing out data PADD's. "On this you can find a list of deceases that will be cured by the AT56. These are only asumptions though bu have been test with computer simulations. there is a 96.856% change that this list is acurate."

"Thank you Captain. Well. There are two options. 1. We keep it to ourselfs and only distribute it to other Federation Starships or 2. we make it public and share the information with other species. Captain. What do you think is the best option. This will be your decision. You are the creator. You have the final verdict."

"Well Sir. I think it would be best that we keep it to our selfs for now. You do not want to know what can happen if some crazy man starts to rewind the process and get the AT56 back to the state it is in right now. It's one of the most dangerous substanses Starfleet has got. Put 0.5 kilo's of this stuff in a photon torpedoe and you have a weapon capable of destroying 10 ships in one blast."

The Admirals talked to eachother for a minute. Then they turned to Hansman again. "Well. We agree with you Captain. The AT56 will stay classified until it is save to make it public. And we allso give you the authorety to deside when it is save. Now. Do you have points of discusion Captain?"

"No sir."

"Okay. This meeting is closed." the Highest ranking Admiral said, slamming his hamer on the table. "And now. Show us your laboratory. We've been meening to look at it for a long time. Now that we are here we can do it anyways." On of the other Admirals pointed at his pips. "O yeah. Before I forget. Here is your new pip." the Admiral said, putting Hansman's Captain pip on Hansman's uniform. Can you patch me through to the Ships intercom?"

"Just press that button over there, saying Inter Ship Communication" Bertus said, with a smile round his face.

"All hands, this is Fleet Admiral Peter Heimler. From this moment on Captain Rantonia has been releaved of his command and suspended from his duties pending an official investigation. Senior Commander Bertus Hansman has been promoted to Captain and given Command of the USS Firebreather-A. Lieutenant Collonell Emily Sullivan is hereby promoted to Executive Officer but will remain in the position of Marines Commanding Officer and Lieutenant Crystal Monroe has been given the position of Second Officer. This all unther Starfleet Regulation 104 section A. Heimler out." And now Captain. Show us your Laboratory please."

"Sorry Admiral. I am prohibetat to do so. All information about the AT56 experiments itself are Classified, even to the Federation Councill and Starfleet Command." Hansman said.

"Who came up with that idea?" The Admiral replied, looking iritated.

"You sir."

Emily just couldn't say anything she felt really off about the position changes she walked right out unable to take it in she motioned for O'Reilly to go to the ready room which was empty they were in and Emily looked at him "tell the marines to drop the surveillance on the bridge then get the marines down the marine area where i'll address them" she said "ok" O'Reilly replied

(20 minutes later)

the platoon stood before her Emily was thinking about breaking Rantonia out but it would need careful planning and then it was pulling it off without Bertus or the admirals finding out she began to speak " ok surveillance on the bridge will be taken up by Jackson,Pai'lak, Nelson and Rondra ok you 4 go to your stations" Emily went on in similar fashion until only O'Reilly, Bainbridge, Cunningham, West, Reui and Sardin "listen this doesn't leave this area but Rantonia was right the AT56 is a danger to the UFP so listen you are the people who have shown the most loyalty to Rantonia in the marine corps so therefore you have no objection to helping me in an escape attempt?" Emily said a string of "we're with you" came back at her "ok listen Cunningham and West you 2 will find out everything you can about the UFP ship as thats where Rantonia is being held. and I mean everything you can. Reui and Sardin when the time for the escape comes I need the Ember ready as I don't want the firebreather as a ship to be involved. the people who will pull the escape of will be myself O'Reilly and Bainbridge then when we're back on the Firebreather we have to think about our next move lets get to it" Emily said

they got to it.

everything was set for an escape attempt except that Emily needed clearance to launch the ember and that meant getting authorisation from Bertus so with the rescue party on board the ember and West and cunningham having hacked in to the UFPs ship computer there was nothing to loose so Emily went up to the bridge and found Bertus in the ready room "Bertus" Emily said "Emily" "I need your authorisation to launch the ember for a test-drive" Bertus paused before answering he seemed to be thinking about any ulterior motives then his mouth widened to a smile "you have it... and don't get caught" he said

Emily shot back down to the shuttlebay where the ember was cloaked once she was on board it launched and began to move towards the UFP ship slowly getting closer until they were in the right position Emily,O'Reilly and Bainbridge were all in anti-gravity suits Emily looked to cunningham "cut their power" she said instantaenously all the lights on the UFP ship went out as well as the security systems and sensors. the embers gang plank lowered and Emily,O'Reilly and Bainbridge all walked out onto the UFP ships hull where Cunningham had managed to get a hatch to open the three of them went down this and found themselves in a storeroom they changed out of the anti-gravity suits and then made their way towards the brig no one challenged them en- route they found the brig door opened it and went in waiting for the door to close behind them. Emily took it in all at once 2 security guards no problem the 3 rescuers drew stun phasers and brought down both guards Emily went straight to the cell while O'Reilly watched the door and Bainbridge set about de-activating the forcefield holding Rantonia in the cell when it was down Rantonia looked at Emily "you're late" he said "and its good to see you to sir. come on"

the 4 of them took off walking slowly as if Rantonia was their prisoner until they found a jeffries tube entrance and making sure no one was around dived into it. the tube took them towards engineering they emerged to the sound of security alarms the escape had been discovered they wasted no more time with acting they sprinted for the amin power generator they were crossing a precariously placed piece of titanium when a security team emerged behind them trapping Rantonia and Emily on the titanium as O'Reilly and Bainbridge were waiting on the other side instictively Emily went for her phaser "no give it me" Rantonia said Emily did so and O'Reilly and Bainbridge also cottoned on and drew theirs and prepared to fire what Rantonia did was he put the phaser against the back of Emilys head and looked at the security detail which halted their advance and slowly crept forward not raising weapons for fear of hitting Emily "let me go" Rantonia demanded "no you are to be placed under arrest pending an official investigation" Rantonia started to back away slightly allowing more of the security detail onto the titanium bridge which soon gave way under the weight Emily found herself hanging with her left hand holding the remainder of the titanium and her right holding Rantonias wrist who was below her she looked down at him and went all icy the scene was so familiar only last time it had been sereva below her not Rantonia "Don't think about Kristov" Rantonia yelled but Emily was Serevans last words echoeing through her mind 'goodbye' thats what he had said to her "Emily I can't hold on much longer" Rantonia shouted these words snapped Emily back into sense she looked down and then at O'Reilly who nodded "I may have failed Serevan captain but I'm not going to fail you" Emily said as she threw Rantonia towards O'Reilly who grabbed him and pulled him up while Emily pulled hereself up "thanks" Emily said "for what?" Rantonia replied "helping me then and being blessed with such good acting skills" Rantonia laughed and they headed down to the sheild generator without further incident Emily looked at Bainbridge who planted an EMP grenade which went off disrupting the sheilds long enough for the 4 of them to be beamed out to the ember which moments later docked with the firebreather and the rescue party disembarked and were greeted by Bertus "you figured it out then?" Emily asked him "yep and you pulled off a good job and i've made dinner arrangments to celebrate the return of Andre. Rantonias Tex mex restaurant 20:00 hours all members of the rescue attempt will attend as well as me and Andre. meanwhile Andre you had better find somewhere to stay hidden after tonight

Hansman sat back in his chair. As the Ember was docking there was an emergency call from the UFP ship. " Captain. This is Admiral Heimler. We have got an situation. Captain Rantonia has escaped. Our sensors indicate that a ship has just docked with you. Therefore we hereby order you to drop your shields and prepare a search party to search your ship."

"No Admiral. I can't allow that. Andre is not only my Commanding Officer but also my friend. No. He's part of the Family. Without him, This ship can't runn." Hansman made a cut signal to the Com's officer and he cut the channel. " Helm. Lay in a cource away from here. Maximum warp. And disguise the warptrail. I don't want them following us." He said. "And one other thing. I have just broken a dosen Federation Regulations. Anyone who is agains the disisions I just made please step forward. You will be given a shuttle and will be handed over to the UFP ships."

A young, vulcan, ensign stepped forward. " Sir. I think that I speak for everone if I say........ the hell with UFP." everyone o the bridge cheared.

" Okay. Then. Lets get Rantonia back on the bridge." Hansman said and he pressed his combadge. "CAPTAIN Rantonia, please report to the bridge to resume command over this ship."

Emily sat down in the second officers chair everything seemed back to normal for the moment Rantonia was back in command and should arrive on the bridge any minute she looked at Bertus "where are we going?" she asked "I don't know where would you go?" "probably Romulan space you?" "Belaruz nebula" "and the remains of that bird of prey thats been destroyed for 5 years I would guess" "if its still there then yes" "well hopefully Andre will decide where to go... once he gets here"

"well i'm here now" Rantonia called from the turbolift as Bertus stood up "senior commander Hansman surrendering command sir" he said with a smile "thank you Bertus its good to be back on my own bridge it beats that storeroom that Emily pushed me into" Rantonia said as Emily grinned "where now sir?" Bertus asked "I haven't a clue but once we come out of warp we'll be visible to every UFP ship who will probably be after us" "i'll bet" Emily said "especially now that between the two of you you've broken around 35 starfleet regulations" Rantonia said "thats the thanks I get for sticking my neck out to resue you" Emily said " not to mention my part in it sir" Bertus said Rantonia held up his hands in surrender "whoa there you 2 of course i'm grateful for what you did but we need a plan"

Rantonia listened carefully as both Emily and Bertus said where they would go and why then Rantonia looked to the helmsman "lay in a course for Romulus warp 7" he ordered "course plotted and laid in" "engage"

(3 days later)

Emily was on bridge shift as the Firebreather suddenly got pelted with a disruptor barrage as it entered Romulan space "drop out of warp raise sheilds" Emily said the Firebreather ground to a halt "we are being hailed" the helmsman said "On screen" Emily replied

a Romulan appeared on the screen "This is commander Hdaen Il'hallie of the tal'shiar commanding the warbird chim'ea you are trespassing in Romulan space and are required to leave now!" the Romulan said Emily couldn't believe her luck "nice greeting Hdaen I take it for granted that its Romulan policy" she replied "nice to see you to Emily what brings you here?" "long story" "I'll beam over and you can tell me" "your space your terms" Emily conceded

5 minutes later Emily was talking to Hdaen in the conference room "its quite simple the UFP wanted commander Hansman to continue the experiments on the AT56 but captain Rantonia wouldn't have it so the UFP relieved him of command then when I freed him we were seen as going on the run so now we've come to ask for a bit of help" Emily said "well theres not much I can offer you but I can offer you a safe haven in the form of starbase sirius which I command we can say that you're on a diplomatic mission or something to keep the senate happy" "and if the UFP turns up on your doorstep?" "I'll explain what I think to the senate and we'll negociate" "theres one more thing I'd like you to do" "fire away" "could you use your intelligence and find out as much as you can on Starfleets admirals Heimler, Keyes and Parel I want to know if their hiding something" "well it beats border patrol so I'll do my best"

As H'Daen turned to give the order, the ship rocked. "What!" H'Daen barked looking at the view screen. 5 Prometheus Class UFP ships had arrived. "Sir" said the Helm Officer."We're being hailed!" The voice came on the CONN. "This is Admiral Keyes of the UFP, give up your ship and the Firebreather or die." Emily spoke. "Admiral, it's unusual for a UFP official to act hostile" "Yes" H'Daen added. The UFP ship fired again. This time at the Firebreather and again at the Romulan Warbird. The ship rocked. "Shields up!" Emily ordered. "Aye ma'am" the Helm officer said. Back on the Firebreather, Andre watched as this scuffle ensued. He pushed a button and spoke. "Admiral, if you don't shut it..." he was interrupted. "Watch who you speak to like that!" Keyes shouted. "With greatest respect sir, shove it...cut audio." he ordered. "Fire a warning shot." he ordered Monroe. She got into action quickly and it flew away and whizzed past the ship Keyes was on. The UFP ship fired back and hit the Firebreather, Andre got angry and started shouting. "Hit them with everything you've got, they'll be none left to recall what happened here!" he was about to shout fire when there was an explosion, a torpedo had been fired in between the ships. After a moment a voice came onto the conn. "This is Commissioner Kris Hilder of the USS Roma and Pathfinder Alliance, and as I outrank all of you, you are to beam onboard my ship. Thats an order"

After half-an-hour of confusion H'Daen, the Admirals, Rantonia, Hansman and Sullivan were onboards Hilders ship. "All of you put everything that has happened behind you, it never happened! Understand?!" Kris ordered. Everyone nodded. "Good. However, all of you will face court-marshalls."

The next day. Everyone but the 3 Firebreather crew had been into court. Sullivan was first. "Lt.Col. Emily Sullivan, this is the 5th time you have breached Starfleet Protocal. This time the punishment will not be as light. You are to perform a week of community service onboard the Firebreather and be replaced by Colonel Jennifer Moreno as Special Ops CO until that period of service is over." Kris stirred in his seat.

Hansman was next. "Senior commander, You are to face 72 Hours of community service and are to stay 1000 Metres away from Lt.Col. Sullivan at all times during those 72 hours!" Kris sat up narrowing his gaze on the judge.

Finally Rantonia was up. "Captain, you have broken Starfleet Rules a total of 3 times. You are Suspended from Starfleet Indefinately." Kris roared and stood up. "Overruled!" he barked. "These crew have faced intolerable circumstances that noone else could have struggled through, these men and women are a fine breed of starfleet crew, I demand there charges be withdrawn, NOW!" The Judge flinched "OK, OK, just..don't shout like that again! USS Firebreather crew, your charges are...." he paused, Kris glared at him. "Dropped" he said after a long pause. Everyone cheered!

Later back on the Firebreather The entire bridge crew was sat round a table at Karinas, and karina was sat with them also, as was Hilder, Sarah and the Children. "Thankyou Commissioner" Andre said, Kris smiled. "No problem" he replied. Andre tapped his glass. "Crew, Friends, Family" he started. "I have a few announcements. First, Welcome to Lt.(jg) Pedro Munitiz our CHO. Second Ens. Ru'Berk, due to your good service ove rthe past month, you are promoted to Lt.(jg) and Thirdly I'd like to say congratulations to Karina on returning as a Lt.Cmmdr as COO again!." he sat down. Karina tapped her galss and stood. "I also have an announcement..." She paused.

"I'm pregnant again" she said with delight, Andre smiled at his loving wife who adored him. Jen and Maria jumped for joy, everyone cheered and clapped, hugging Karina.

Back on the bridge everything was running smoothly and things were back to how they used to be.

Hansman sat in his officer in Sickbay. He was running double shifts until they had a new CMO. It was hard work for him, yes. But he loved his job. Both being XO and being CMO. Today promised to be another boring day. Hansman had an idea. He had promised Andre the day before that he would stop his tests on the AT56 untill he could continue on Earth in a few months maybe. He thought about how explosive the substance whas in this stadium. It could make one hell of an torpedoe.

"Hansman to Andre Rantonia and Sullivan. Please report to Cargo Bay one. Use your personal authorisation codes to enter." Hansman said, leaving sickbay. Yes he thought This could work perfactly. He entered the turbolift and in a few moments he stood before the cargo bay. "Computer, open cargobay authorisation Hansman Starfleet Medical 45 Alpha 665."

The computer bleeped and the doors openend. He entered the bay and the doors closed again behind him. "Computer give enter clearence to Captain Andre Rantonia and Lieutenant Collonell Emily Sullivan." Again the computer bleeped.

Less then five minutes later Rantonia and Sullivan entered. "Bertus. What are you doing here and why did we need to come here? You promised to prospone your research untill you can continue on Earth." Andre said, looking strict.

"Yes Captain. I know. I promised to prospone my research on the AT56 as a medicine. But what if I said that it could be Starfleet's strongest weapon?" Hansman walked over to the hologram councill that had been installed. He pressed some buttons. A torpedoe apeared.

"See here the AT56 Torpedoe. One of these babies has the same power as 10 Quantum Torpedoes. In normal terms. She can destroy a Intrepid in 10 blasts. When shields are up that is." Again he pressed some butons. The torpedoe was replaced by an Prometheus Class ship and about 5 yards away an Intrepid class ship apeared.

"This is how it would look in action." He said pressing the required buttons. The ships started moving and fireing on each other. The Prommy fireed a AT56 torpedoe at the Intrepid.

After 9 shots of AT56 Torpedoes the Intrepid blew up. "As you can see it took just 9 shots to destroy the Intrepid. These torpedoes can be used to do significant damage to a ship."

"Well Bertus. You are right on one thing. These could be the strongest weapon Starfleet will have." Emily said.

"To be able to do any research on these torpedoes I'll need two specialy made shuttles to test with." Hansman said.

"you're sure of this Bertus?" Rantonia asked "positive sir" Bertus replied "right well I give you clearance to begin testing you have a week to build a prototype, test it and then prove it is as good as that simulation showed good luck"

Rantonia left leaving Bertus and Emily alone "I hope you know what you're doing Bertus" Emily said "I think I do" "well if it works then I know we would only have a limited supply due to the limited amount of AT56 we have on board so why throw it away?" "well I wouldn't be throwing it away I would keep a small amount of AT56 in a contained environment so I could replicate it so we could in theory have an unlimited amount of AT56 torpedoes if we use them" "sounds like you've got all your bases covered" "yep" Emily shifted on her feet and then looked back at him "Bertus when I first saw you you know what I thought" "no what?" "theres a man who can take everything thats thrown at him" "interesting know what I thought of you Emily?" "what?" "a defiant woman who stands strong in a battle" "hardly" Bertus smiled "so anyway do you want to meet up later?" Emily asked "ok I'll see you later"

Hansman turned to his lab. I need assistence from a Tactical Officer and a Engineer he thought. "Hansman to Bond and Monroe. Please report to Cargo Bay 1. Ring the buzzer when you are there. Hansman out." He walked to his lab and pressed some butons.

{5 minutes later}

The door buzzer bleeped and Hansman walked to the door. He opened it and both Monroe and Bond were standing there, looking very curious. "Welcome. Before you enter. Everything you see here is to be kept secret. Understood?" Both officers nodded and walked after Hansman. He walked to the AT56. "See here. The well known AT56. It's the real stuff and is to be handleld very delicate." Again both officers nodded.

"But sir. What do you need us for? What does the tactical department have to do with a medicine?" Monroe asked.

"I'll show you." Hansman said. "Please step back. Computer. Show holofile AT56 Torpedoe" He said. The torpedoe was shown again. "See here the AT 56 Torpedoe." The torpedoe turnend a few times and was replaced by a Prommy and a Intrepid. "Monroe. Wild guess. How many torpedoes whould you need to destroy a Intrepid Class?"

"Euh. About 20 Quantum Torpedoes or 35 Photon Torpedoes. Nothing beets the Quantums." He said, with a big smile.

"What if I'd say that the AT56 torpedoes just needs 10 torpedoes?" Hansman said. Smiling. "Computer Play file AT56 test one" Emediatly the prommy and Intrepid started attacking each other.

Part 2:Old Friends New enemies

Andre stood with the rest of the crew in the docking bay watching as Lt. Crystal Monroe and Lt.(jg) James Robert Bond boarded a shuttle, they had been transferred to the USS Shaugnessy together. They had said there goodbyes and that was that, Andre turned to the rest of the crew. "Lt(jg) Munitiz get to helm quickly and set a course for Starbase Indri Prime." "Aye Sir" the Helm Officer replied.

Andre returned to the bridge and went to his ready room. He picked up a padd and started reading "Saren Hiren i'Ihhilae, extremely dangerous, currently serving under the Name James Robert Bond. Serial Killer, Traitor." he had read enough, he burst onto the bridge and barked. "Open a channel to the shuttle that just left with Monroe and Bond on!" "Aye sir" Munitiz did as the CO had ordered. "Hello?" a voice said. "This is Captain Andre Rantonia of the USS Firebreather, turn around and return to the ship, you have a murderer onboard!" "Too late Captain." "Saren what have you done!?" "Nothing, just a" he laughed manically. "MONROE!" he bellowed down the commlink. "She's dead captain, with 50 wounds to her chest." he laughed again. "You Bastard." "I know, such beauty isn't it!" Andre cut the channel. "Lt.Col. Sullivan, fire a warning shot." She bounded to the Tactical station and pushed a few buttons, Saren fired back in the shuttle. Torpedoes hit, Andre tapped his badge, "Commander Hansman, load the torpedoes."

Emily looked up from the tactical station "hes dodged it sir" she said "damn hes got a faster ship than us" rantonia said "not entirely sir" "what do you mean Emily?" "use our 3 secret weapons in synchronisation" "how?" "catch up with him then split into MVAM send alpha section over him, charlie section stays behind him and delta section goes underneath him meanwhile I take the ember and get infront of him to cut off his escape the 3 firebreather sections can fire the AT56 torpedoes and phasers with the ember firing disruptors we should be able to at least get a surrender out of him"

Rantonia looked around the bridge there was a distinct approval for the plan "right lets do it. Karina i'll need you to take over delta section in Emilys place" then he hit the the comlink that put him on all the comlinks throughout the ship "Red alert all hands Multi vectral assault mode stations separation in 2 minutes Flame special Operatives to the Ember"

Emily charged down the corridors of the ship reaching the ember just as O'Reilly did then they ran onto the ember Emily started issuing orders "Reui take the helm, sardin tactical, bainbridge science, cunningham engineering everyone else get into the engineering area and make yourselves useful. O'Reilly you stay here as my XO".

everyone ran to their stations and Emily turned to Reui "take us out private" "yes Emily"

the Ember flew out of the shuttlebay and sped towards the shuttle containing Saren behind the ember the firebreather went into MVAM the ember managed to get infront of the shuttle the 3 firebreather sections were almost there on alpha section bridge Rantonia had a channel open to Charlie section,delta section and the ember "Aplha section in position" he said "charlie section in position" Bertus said "Delta section ready" Karina said "Ember standing by" Emily said "alright open fire" Rantonia ordered

the shuttle rocked as it took a beating from the firebreather sections the ember had not opened fire yet "Sarens hailing us Emily" Reui said "open a channel" " Thank goodness my own kin has come to help me" Saren said "on screen" Emily ordered then when Saren appeared she looked him dead in the eye "Hello Saren" she said "where did you get the authorisation to use a Romulan scout ship?!" Saren demanded "your brother" "oh didn't you know hes on here as well but hes still alive but only just" "cut the channel inform cpatain Rantonia, commander Hansman and Lt commander Rantonia of the problem meanwhile prepare the tractor beam to bring that shuttle in" "Emily hes launched 2 mysterious torpedoes at us their reading as AT56!" Sardin yelled "full power to forward sheilds" Emily said "tractor ready and locked on" sardin said " right bring that shuttle in" Emily ordered

the Ember flew under the shuttle and activated its rear tractor beam seconds later the shuttle was in the embers hold standing ready to deal with Saren were Emily,O'Reilly and Bainbridge private Moore was there as well to tend to H'daen if h'daen was actually on that shuttle. "blast the door down" Emily said as one Emily, O'Reilly and Bainbridge blasted the door apart with phaser fire they stepped into the shuttle infront of them loomed a shadow Emily recognised it too late as Saren who swung a fist which sent Emily sprawling against the shuttle wall with what appeared to be a chest wound O'Reilly was left to fight in hand to hand combat against Saren however it soon became clear that Saren was stronger and O'Reilly was quickly getting beaten all over the place and soon O'Reilly was on the floor and Saren standing over him disruptor raised.

Emily went for her phaser and slowly she took aim and fired. Saren fell lifeless to the floor and Emily fell to the floor as well Moore rushed over and went for the hypospray in his med kit but Emily sat up "I'm not hurt" she said "you should be seriously injured" Moore replied Emily reached around her neck and pulled out her necklace which had lost the borg insignia emblem on it totally destroyed "thanks Mum" Emily whispered to herself "Emily we've got H'daen hes going to be fine we have also retreived Monroes body its just as Saren said 50 stab wounds" O'Reilly said "well done seargent" "thank you"

Rob was running amuck in sickbay, he found that whenever there was a red alert, there was bound to be injuries. Even though they were injuries, they were minor it still was his priority.

He remembered what his mother once told him, that CMO's may not be all glorified and such, but they were a hard working lot. They were the captain's right hand, they were the suture in the stitch. His mother was from the old medical school where they had to do everything, well, in some ways on most starships it is the same, except for the lucky ships that seemed to have medical staff pouring out their wazo's . As the inner thoughts continued to whirl around his head, he heard the familiar shaking of the ships coming together, and then the sound of the familiar sound of the transporter shimmering was behind him, he turned around to see the Colonel standing there.

"Emily, when are you going to let me see that tick tock thing of yours?" Rob said with a dull note of sarcasm.

"Not a day on your life Dragon." She said smirking.

It was weird, it is like he has been on this ship for a long time, he seemed to have developed an interesting relationship with the 2O. She was a pretty woman, but he did not know a lot about her, a lot of her profiles were locked up and secured. Even though he was a Chief Medical Officer, a lot of the times, he found that he could not open up a lot of her restricted information.

"What can I do for you Emily?" "I want you to take a look at this man, I need to determine whether or not he is mad or if he just had some bloodlusting. Now since he is Romulan, you need to go digging, I will leave that up to you." "Yes Emily, say… do you want to go out for a drink after I go digging for me lucky charms?"

She smirked…"Maybe…"

Emily looked over at dragonmire "you're on 18:00 hours in karinas restaurant"

Emily walked to the bridge where she got handed a PADD "The captain of the USS Shaugnessy sent us a report in which it states that the USS Firebreather fired torpedoes which contained the AT56 now the UFP can't stop you from using them but we have dispatched a ship the USS Waterdragon to intercept you it will arrive at your position at approximately 16:00 hours their captain will beam over she is a scientific and weapons expert she will be compiling a report on the AT56 torpedoes which when complete will be submitted to the UFP" she read

(5 hours later)

"the waterdragon has warped in Emily. their CO is prepared to beam over" Munitz called from the helm "lower sheilds I'll be in transporter room 1 to welcome our guest. Mr Muntiz you have the bridge" Emily ordered

Emily headed down to transporter room 1 she looked to the ensign who was on duty "energize" Emily said the captain appeared on the transporter pad Emily moved forward "Lt Col Emily Sullivan USS Firebreather" Emily said extending her hand which the captain took "Captain Laura Williamson USS Waterdragon" the captain said

Dragomire looked over the man laying before him, he went digging thru his upper skull found extensive trauma.

"Computer begin recording, Autopsy 83798 preformed by Lt. Cdr. Rob Dragomire, the patient has shown extensive trauma to the cerebral cortex, not normal for a Romulan, furthermore, in the bei lobe, one of the location that controls motor functions, more specifically the actions dome, has proven to be controlled by an outside force. At this time this patient must of undergone some sort of action, most likely there is residual signs of who was the person who did this to him. Pause.."

Rob was truly horrified, he thought that mind control was something that was not done anymore, by any of the modern governments. He had to look, there must be a sign who was the one who did this the poor soul. He ran the tricorder over him, in Metal Detector mode.. he was correct, deep inside the brain stem there was a sort of metal inside of him.Doing a physical autopsy was not something for a weary heart... he dug thru the brain stem and noticed the miniscule piece of technology... he quickly ran over to the microscope and noticed something quite bothersom...

"Doctor to bridge..." he said tapping his combadge... "Go ahead doctor," the young lt. returned the call. "Where is the Captain?" Asked the CMO "He is in a meeting with Colonel Sullivan and another Captain." informed the young Lt. "Hansman?"Questioned Dragomire "He is off duty." Responded the Lt. "Thanks." he said closing the channel "Sickbay too Cdr. Hansman, please come to the morgue." the good doctor commanded. trying to locate hansman, "Everything okay doctor?" "There is something here you should see." "Okay on my way."

This was scary, this was a federation signature, each datachip possessed a natural sign... this was it, it was federation.

Ishkar stepped onto the bridge as Rantonia, Sullivan and another came out of the conference room. He recognized the second captain, there eyes met and the officer spoke. "Ru'Berk?" she asked. "Williamson" Ishkar acknowledged. "What are you doing here?" Williamson ordered. "I work and live here!" she replied. "Have you two met?" Rantonia asked. "Yes" Williamson replied. "We served together 6 years ago on the USS Raptor-A". "Married yet?" Ishkar spat. "No, you?" Williamson sneered. "No". "I get the feeling you two have an interesting history." Sullivan said. "Yes" Williamson replied.

Ishkar followed the 3 of them as they went to Karinas, Karina herself was off duty and working there. As the four of them sat down another familiar face wandered over. Everyone looked up and Ishkar and Williamson spoke simultaneously "KRIS??!!"

Hilder sat down staring at Williamson and Ru'Berk "Ru'Berk? Laura? what are you doing here?" Hilder asked "I'm the counsellor" Ru'Berk answered "compiling a report on the At56 torpedoes" Williamson replied "I never had you down as a weapons expert Laura" Hilder said "5 years changes a lot of things Kris" "It obviously does last I heard you were still an ensign now look at you captain Williamson"

Ru'Berk had been slowly working up her anger "THATS ENOUGH!" Ru'Berk shouted "I will not sit here and watch you 2 continue where you left off" "what do you mean lieutenant?" Rantonia asked Laura answered for Ru'Berk "me and Kris met on the Raptor 6 years ago and began to date" "right and where does Ru'Berk fit in to this?" "I liked Kris as well" Ru'Berk said "but I didn't like you" Hilder replied "well I don't know why" "It could have something to do with the near death expierience you gave me"

Hilder caught the meaning of what he'd just said too late Ru'Berk was on her feet phaser raised pointing at Williamson "Somehow familiar isn't it Kris only this time I won't miss as you're too far away to deflect the blast this time" Ru'Berk said

Emily stood up and placed herself between Ru'Berk and Williamson "well in that case I hope you can shoot through solid objects and if you fire at me you will find yourself court marshalled" "move aside I don't want to hurt you Emily" Ru'Berk said "Stand down lieutenant thats an order" "so be it"

Ru'Berk fired catching Emily in the shoulder in a second Rantonia and Hilder had grapped an arm each and were forcibly restraining Ru'berk until security arrived which they did a couple of minutes later when Ru'Berk had been escorted away Rantonia looked at Emily

"get yourself down to sickbay and have dragonmire check you out and never do that again"

Emily left clutching at her shoulder as she headed to sickbay

Hansman put out his uniform again. "Sarah, I'll be in the morgue. Can you manage here alone, sweety?" He looked the young girl, almost 16 years old, in the eye's. Over the years he had started to see her as his own child. He always wanted to have children but he never had gotten that far. Every relationship he had been in had been a disaster. Every woman he had felt close to had walked away after a few months. Never to be seen by him again. What did he do wrong? He liked Emily a great deal. But he tried to be with her on a profesional basis only. He didn't want their friendship to end. But if he realy loved her he had to tell her.

"Yes uncle Bertus. I will manage. Why can't I come with you? I've been in the morgue before. I've seen dead people before." Sarah's blue eyes peared into Betus'.

"Cause I'm no longer the CMO. I've told you dad before. We have a new doctor now. Now. I want you in bed when I return. It's way past your bedtime. I have Gamma shift tomorrow." The girls eye's began to shine of happiness. Her dream whas to command a starship of her own one day. She hoped that living with a Starfleet commander would be a good start. Maybe Bertus could get her into the accademy. She loved hanging out on the bridge. She had been there before. Bertus had even thought her to pilot the ship a bit, and she was quite good at it. "If you want I could take you with me during my shift."

"Oh. I'd love to uncle Bertus." She walked to him and gave him a kis on the cheak. "Sleep well." She left the room and got into bed as Hansman left his quarters. Walking to the turbolift he thought about what could be so important that he had to get to the morgue while off duty. "Deck 7, Morgue." The commander said. As the lift started to move Hansman's thoughts returned to the doctors findings in the Morgue. He had no clue what's so ever. Well. He would find out soon enought.

The lift stoped and the doors opend. Hansman left the lift and entered the Morgue. "Report Doctor. What have you got in here."

"First of all commander. I hope you haven't just eaten? Cause you'll be seeing some brains and stuff." The doctor said. Dragonmire was a good doctor. Hansman had read his service record thourowly. It was a good record.

"Well doctor. I'm a medical man too. Been the CMO on this ship since the first launch day. So I won't turn away for some brains."

"Sorry sir. I forgot. I heard you are a capable doctor." Rob turned to the autopsytable. "Now. Take a look at this. Take a look at the sign on it."

As Hansman took a peak he also was horrified. "Federation?" He asked. "How does a federatrion datachip come in a Romulan's brain?" he tought to himself. "Do you got any way to explain it, lieutenant?"

Part 3:Tick Tock

The doctor looked at the red shirt that was in his sickbay. "Well commander, i have no idea... I mean what is this mans service record? Do we have any information on him?" "Well we just have what intellegence offered on him." The senior commander said, handing over a pad of information. "Well it shows he was a P.O.W. during the dominion war, but there were no extensive medical facilities around Meka seven." "Well you would not need it will you?" "Yes Doctor, computer bring up the recording..." "Ah yes the failsafe..." "Yes Commander, if you look closely enough you cannot see anything out of the normal." "It is like a normal stem." "Exactly, no tools on a basic penile colony could have the tools necesary for neural surgery." "so what are you saying?" "I am not too sure, there is more to this story that is for sure, there is only one person who can answer this... and well he is on the cot." "Not necessarily Doctor, according to this the woman who is in the conference lounge with the Captain and Emily, may hold the answers." He looked down onto the padd it showed that she was actually a specialist on the penile colony. "Does she have neural surgery experience?" "No but, she may shed some insight onto this for us." "Well... lets go!" The doctor said putting onhis lab coat, and he followed his commanding officer to the briefing room. The doors swooshed open. "Captain if you will permit, we found some interesting aspects that we would like to bring to your attention." "Okay." Captain Rantonia sat back and looked at the gentlemen.

Dragomire walked over to the conference table and placed the chip in front of the woman who was a guest on the ship

Laura picked the chip up and looked at it "mind control chip looks to be federation but isn't starfleet" she said "what?" Dragonmire asked "see the marking on the back of the chip its verathian" Emily said "how do you know" Dragonmire asked "I'll tell you later" "right now that thats sorted can I get back to what I was sent onto this ship to do which is compile a report on the AT56 torpedoes" Williamson said "yes captain you can" Rantonia said

Williamson left as Emily left Dragonmire left with her "so tell me" Dragonmire said "My senses are sharper than everyone elses" "why?" "I'm an ex-borg with an artifical left eye and left arm" "right we still on for 18:00 hours?" "yes"

" I see, but why would starfleet cover something like that up Emily?" "I am not too sure of that myself Rob, they have not done it before, with Captain Picard, or Seven of Nine... I guess they did not want to think that it is well..." she stopped. Dragomire stopped and placed his hand on her shoulder... "If you want we do not have to talk about it... Really Emily." "It is not that... i just find it unjust. I am back to my old ways... yet, i am still me and being apart of the collective really did add assets to my person." "Do you find that people hesitate because of your... borg-ness?" She stopped and looked into his eyes, she noticed how glassy they were, and he had a sincere dumbfounded look on his face... "Sometimes yes." she clenched her chest, Rob's face changed dramatically to worry. "No no i am fine Rob." "Okay, and just so you know... it does not phase me..." he leaned in close and kissed her on her cheek... "See you at 1800" and the man walked off...

Hansman returned to his quarters. Sarah, who allready lay in bed, called for him. "Uncle Bertus." She said. Hansman walked into her bedroom.

"Yes sweety?" He said, sitting down on her bedside. "What is it?"

"Do you have something for this headache? I can't sleep." The girl asked. Hansman nodded and walked to the closit and took out a hypospray, added a tube to it and walked back.

"This will stop the headache in a matter of minutes." Ha said, injecting Sarah. "And now. Try to sleep a bit." He said, leaving the room. It was allmost 18.00 hours. His shift would start at 1.00 hours. Sarah was sleeping. She was 15, allmost 16, years old. Bertus knew that she wanted to serve on a Starship as soon as she could. They had talked about it a lot. Maybe he could talk to Doctor Dragonmire. Maybe he could give her some basic medical training. He was going to start with it when she turned 16 but since he was no longer the CMO Dragomire had to do it. He knew that Sarah would love it and it would be a good start for her Starfleet training. In the Morning he would go down to Sickbay and discuss it with Dragomire. For now he was bored.

"Computer record message." the computer bleeped. "Sarah, i'm on the bridge doeing an early shift. When you waked up feel free to go up to the bridge. Love you. Uncle Bertus." The Senior Commander said. "Computer. Save message and automated audio play when Sarah Hansman wakes up." Again the computer bleeped and Hansman left for the Bridge.

The Doctor looked at the woman, she was gorgeous with her hair down, flowing over her shoulders, he was wearing a nice darkened vulcan suit, which he got from one of junior officers from the Golie. The thousand threaded count on the sleeves, was of pure silk. The rest was of a breathable cotton, very comfortable.

Emily was dressed in a an ancient earth garb, light magenta, her hair up in a bun, she still had her dohickey around her neck, Rob looked up at her,

"You look gorgeous."he said, he was not that great at being flirtateous, he had a tendency to tell it as it is. "Your late!" she said looking at her time index on the wall, " 1800 and 45 seconds..." she smirked. "Sorry there was a slow poke ahead of me in the hallway." "Well..." the joke continued, "you could of called." "I did not wish to disturb you." he defended.

The banter continued on,they moved down the hallway to the turbolift, other officers encountered the two senior officers in the hallway and just stared. "What are we not supposed to go out for drinks together?" Dragomire piped up. "Uhm.. no sir... uhm sorry sirs." the young officer said, rushing off in another direction... "That is mean Rob..." Emily touched his arm. "I know." he smiled back as he wrapped his arm over hers, and placed his right hand on hers...

Emily looked around herself this just didn't feel right Rob was

a nice guy but she really preferred Bertus mainly because she had known him longer than she had Rob "I've heard talk of a secret weapon that your platoon posesses yet I've never seen it" Rob said "Follow me"

Emily led him into the special ops hangar where the ember stood "Rob thats my secret weapon its the Ember equipped with photon torpedoes,disruptors and a cloaking device" Emily said "shes a beauty but not as good looking as you"

Emily made to reply but was interrupted by her comnbadge "Emily its O'Reilly half the yellow shirt personel on the ship just turned up in the crew lounge and started beating the heck out of everyone else however my main concern is that the captains children who've just wandered in here and Sarah whos looking for commander Hansamn are going to get hurt we need you here ASAP" O'Reilly said "On my way" then she turned to Rob "you'd better come with me" Emily said

Emily and Rob ran to the crew lounge where they found O'Reilly, Bainbridge and Jackson fighting to try and hold off half of the yellow shirt personel Emily pulled out her phaser set it to stun and started firing as did the 3 spec ops personel who had been fighting eventually every opponent had been stunned Emily looked at the first persons neck he had a device on his neck another verathian mind control chip "check for more" she ordered

Rob could not believe his eyes, the chips seemed to have spread further that he had thought. Could it be someone on the ship taking them over? Or is it transmitted. He ran the tricorder over the brain stems of the men. The young woman came over to join them she was peeking over his shoulder. "Sarah was it?" "Yes Doctor." "Rumour has it you helped your uncle before i came along." "Well i wanted to enter into starfleet, and go for medical." "That sounds good, here, take this tricorder. I want you to run a basic scan to see if there was any other stresses in the body." "You mean contusions and such? I love contusions, i truly like how they well..." "You are going to be a great doctor some day." He looked over to Emily who was in a heated discussion with some of the officers that were involved. The doctor walked over to join them. "What were they saying?" the Doctor asked O'Rielly who was standing off to the side. "They were going to purge us." "Purge us?" Emily said soft spoken. "Yes like we were the plague and they were here to exterminate us." "That's rediculous." "Is it?" a man entered who looked down on them, he was a tall burlish man. not well known, he was in civi's and there was no known rank insignia or anything of the sorts. "Name officer." Emily went into her drill seargeant voice. "That is no way to enquire a name..." he grabbed a bar maiden who was off to the side, and smacked the back of her neck...

The other officers stood back in shock and dismay, the senior officers stood off, Rob ran over to the young woman... "Run quick tell your uncle what is going on GO!" he said pushing her out the door. "You killed my best MEN!" the deranged man screamed. "They are not dead, just sleeping." Rob said sometiems it was hard to contain his sarcasm "Don't be an idiot. We are here on a mission to rid the federation of the plagues that it seemed to have contracted." Emily stopped in disbelief, what is this pague they were talking about...

Williamson was on the bridge seeing as there was no senior science officer she had jumped at the opotunity to have some work to do her report on the AT56 torpedoes would have to wait until she could see them in action she was just about to go off shift when Sarah came running in "Uncle Bertus" Sarah said she was out of breath

Luckily Hansman was in the command chair he turned and listened while Sarah explained what was going on down in the crew lounge everyone on the bridge heard what she said Hansman was clearly indecisive "Leave it to me commander" Williamson said "ok"

Williamson was almost at the turbolift door before she turned around and looked at the 1st officers chair where Ru'Berk was sitting "Ru'Berk as much as I hate you I really think I'll need your help on this" Williamson said "alright you're on" Ru'Berk said clearly surprised

the 2 of them left the bridge

meanwhile in the crew lounge Emily was weighing up her options all their hopes seemed to be on Laura as the yellow shirt personell had started to come out of consciousness Emily Motioned for Jennifer and Maria to keep as close to Private Bainbridge as they could without compromising her fighting ability "what have we got left in the way of weapons?" Emily asked "nothing all phasers are out" O'Reilly replied

Ok so fighting was no longer an option so talking would have to do for the moment "whats this plague you keep speaking about?" she asked the man "the plague of machines" "Machines? can you be more specific?" "yes the main machine type we hate is artificial life" "such as?" "androids, robots oh and Borg as well"

Emily looked hard at him "that part of my life is gone now" Emily said "that is the only certainity in life" "what?" "the only thing in life that is certain is death"

Emilys hand shot to her chest as if an invisible hand was grabbing her heart and all the madman was doing was staring at her the feeling got worse her insides felt like they were filling with poison she collasped and Rob began to do a standard medical scan

Fortunatley Willimaosn and Ru'Berk arrived just at that moment "what do we do?" Ru'Berk asked "you use your counselling skills to keep that man talking while I incapacitate him with this hypospray" "good plan"

Ru'Berk stepped into the room very clearly as Williamson went sneakily round the back "why are you doing this?" Ru'Berk asked "you wouldn't understand you're mind isn't advanced as mine is yet" "what do you mean?" "you've never heard of cloning?" "you mean your the perfect form of generations of work?" "yes" "well you've missed one thing" "whats tha..."

He fell to the floor with williamson standing over him "a sixth sense" Williamson said

all eyes now fell to where Emily lay clearly out of it "what do you think doc?" O'Reilly asked "I've never seen anything like this its a disease I'm unfamiliar with" "but the medicine wouldn't have to be" "what do you mean?" "O'Reilly to Hansman" "Hansman here Searegent Major" "we need you down here immediately Emilys unconsicous suffering from an unknown disease we dare not treat it due to the fact it is unidentified" "I'm on my way what do you think we should do?" "I think you should get here via cargo bay 1 and pick up some AT56 I think its the only thing that could help us" "are you mad seargent its never been tested on a human" "I know sir but theres a first time for everything"

Hansman stood up. Looked around and saw that there was no officer there who had gone through command school. "Computer activate Emergency Command hologram. Authorisation Hansman 45 Alpha 91" The computer bleeped and the hollogram appeared on the bridge.

"Sir. What are my orders?" the hollogram asked.

"I want you to command the bridge while I'm away. There are currently no other command officers afaileble. If there is any problem just call for me." Hansman said, entering the turbolift. "Non-Stop Cago Bay 1" He said and the doors closed and the lifted started to move. When it stopped he ran to cargobay one, used his authorisation codes to open it and took a hypocontainer (off: is a small round, long, container in witcht the medicine is witch will be use in the hypo) and filled it with 2 CC's AT56.

"You are preparing AT56 for medical use. The AT56 has not yet ben tested. It is not advisable to use it at this time." The computer said.

When the container was filled Hansman grapped a Med Kit and ran into the turbolift and went to the crew lounge. O'Reiley walked to him. "Here she is." he said pointing at Emily.

Hansman neeled down beside her. He scanned her with his med trycorder and came to the same conclusion as Rob. "Okay. If what I am going to do now goes wrong my medical licence will be taken away and I'll be prosecuted for murder and medical incompetence. Allso You, O'Reilley, would have to arrest me."

"I know that Sir. But I think we have to try." Hansman nodded.

"But I don't want to do it here. She needs to get to sickbay. She's stable enough to be beamed over." he said and pressed his combadge. "transporterroom one. Medical beam over. Me, Dragonmire, Sullivan and Sarah Hansman. energize" Soon all 4 people were caught in a transporterbeam.

When they materializec in Sickbay Hansman looked at Dragomire. "Mind if I take charge here?" Rob nodded oin agreement. "Okay. Get ready to resasitate her. If this goes wrong god knows what'll happen. Allso. I have no idea on what the side effects are." Again Rob nodded. Now Hansman filled the hypo and stood ready. He put on her neck and injected Emily. "Now. Lets see what happens."

The first minute or so nothing happend. Bertus scanned Emily continualy. Suddenly Emily started shaking havely. She stared sweating all over her body, her skin turned purpal but slowly she regained contionsness.

"Where am I" She asked.

Emily sat up looking at Bertus and Sarah Rob had gone into the medical office "you're..." Bertus began but the sickbay doors opened and O'Reilly and Private West walked in "How is she?" O'Reilly asked "a little amnesia" Bertus replied "hang on" West said as technical expert in the flame spcial ops core he was well skilled in engineering more importantly he was the only person on board capable of dealing with a fault in one of Emilys electronic circuits he went to work straight away soon he was smiling "her node had temporairily shut down but she should be ok in a couple of hours" West said "thank goodness shes got her borg implants still inside her" Hansman said

(2 hours later)

Emily was still lying in sickbay when an old friend walked in "now this is an odd sight" it was H'daen "why are you still here?" Emily asked "I'm going to be here until Sarens body is released to me" "that could be a while seeing as I have Private moore trying to get a second opinion on the body we found a verathian mind chip in Sarens brain" "hey?" "he was under verathian control" "right so when are you planning your expedition to verath 3?" "you interested?" "yes Emily" "if we're lucky when I'm out of here and when I've had chance to brief O'Reilly and the rest of the marines on this" "yep ok well at least your purple skins disappeared" "thats not all the scar that the borg nanite injectors created when they went through my skin has began to fade"

Just at that moment Hansman walked in with Dragonmire

"Emily you're cleared to return to duty in 24 hours" Rob said

Hansman went to Sullivan. "Emily. I do want you to take it easy though. The AT56 might show late side effects. You are the first person it has been tried on."

"I know Bertus." the woman said. "Thank you for your concerns. I have Starfleets best doctor as my friend. What could go wrong?" she said." She looked at Rob. "Can I return to my quarters?"

"You can. But if anythign turns up you need to get here ASAP. okay?" the man said, looking strict but kind. Emily nodded and left sickbay.

"Rob. Can I talk to you for a moment?" Bertus asked. Rob nodded and walked into the CMO's office. Both man sat down.

"What can I do for you Bertus?"

"You have met my nise Sarah. Havent you?" Dragomire noded. "She has always wanted a career as a Starfleet Captain or Starfleet CMO. The's helped me in sickbay in a few cases too and knows quite a lot about our equiptment and how to use it. She allso knows a lot about deseases and treatments and making diagnoses. I was wondering. Maybe you could give her the basic medical training. That way she'll have some insight in what a life as a Starfleet Officer is and she'll have the basic training every starfleet recruit needs."

"Well. She is 16, right?"


"Well. 16 is the minimal age for a starfleet recruite. Lett me think about it, okay?"

"Thank you Rob."

Captian we are being hailed by the USS Yellowstone. They have a new crew member for us and would like to rondevous in one hour." said the communications officer.

The Yellowstone met with the Firebreather and a Klingon woman departed. Makin her way to the bridge to check in with her new Captian. She looked around the bridge and sighed. Another ship, another change. She waited to see the captain on the bridge. As they were hailed by a shuttle coming out of warp to meet them also.

The ship was in bad conditions, and beaten up "Lt Jovak, permission to beam on board" he ask as he said that he was beamed up in the transporter room

Jovak left the transporter room and made his way to the bridge. He entered and notice a woman in front of the captain, she had her back to him. "My we are busy today" said the Captain. "Two new officers in one day and both Klingon. Ah, Lt. Jovak, I see you have arrived. This is Lt. She'Mott." as the woman turned.

"We have meet before" Jovak said to the captain tring to sound as professonal as he can "well before you two start duty, i will like for you both to get a check up by Dr. Dragomire"

The two left for the sickbay in the turbo lift. "you are looking well Jovak. Your beard is longer. It suits you. It has been a long time." she said

"Well it has been about 8 years since we last saw each other, beards get thicker, boys be come men and so on and so forth" he said not really paying much attention to the woman.

 "yes we all change, careers seem to do that to

people. Your family is well, I pray. And your mate is on what ship?" she asked wondering if he was still true to the promise he had made so long ago to her.*

"No mate, you know ever since we been a part i ummmmmm just couldn't fine anyone who suited my taste" he quickly lied to cover up why he didn't have a mate

So you have no mate. Well my career has kept me busy. All the new worm hole studies and quantum, Sorry I forgot you hated me to talk about work. I apologize, Ah we are here. Shall we" she said as the turbo lift stopped. They both exited and walked towards the sick bay. Jovak stopped her and looked at her.*

He smiled at her "you havn't changed at all have you"? he asked her.

"a little older, a little wiser, but my heart hasn't. I am better than I was, I am stronger. But I still hurt from and old wound years ago." she said turning away from him

Verath 3 it seemed like a lifetime since Emily had last stood on its hot surface when it had only been around 3 years this time it was not a rebellion but a hit and run the plan was simple land the ember destroy the main transmitters and factorys that controlled and made the chips and get out.

"lets move" Emily said

breaking in was simple having disembarked from the ember they had a clear view of their targets and luckily Emily had brought along 5 armed Jeeps which averaged out to 3 to a jeep once everyone was in a jeep they headed for the target only Private Cunningham remained on the ember he was monitoring the transmission rate of the transmitters and would be able to tell if the attack worked

the jeeps revved and sped straight to position in the back of Emilys Jeep O'Reilly was taking aim with the rear phaser cannon while Emily readied the frontal one "all jeeps open fire on my mark" Emily said

The verathian guards were few in number the frontal phasers on the jeeps ripped them apart then pulling up infront of the transmitters the jeeps went side on "fire" Emily ordered 10 phaser shots went into the transmitters each knocking one out then it was on to the factories these wouldn't be as easy so the jeeps were dirven back to the ember while a team consisting of Emily,O'Reilly,Pai'Lak and Bainbridge headed for the factories

Getting in wasn't a problem 1 smashed window did the job then phaser rifles out as they crept towards the main computer after charging into the main room 3 people there easy targets with them out of the way it was time for some explosives "Bainbridge use caesium explosives" Emily said

they were set for 5 minutes which gave the team plenty of time to get out things were going smoothly they were running away from the factories Emilys watch read 2 minutes until detonation the ember flew overhead and the team were beamed onboard just in time to watch the factories go up like fireworks.

"Private Reui set course for the firebreather take us back home" Emily ordered as she smiled to herself with luck H'Daen would be at verath 3 in an hour to secure the target area.

Part4:Character Development

She'Mott finished in the sickbay and went to find her quarters.

She entered her room and dropped her bags. She laid on the bed and studied the ceiling. Thinking about Jovak, she wondered why he had not wed, had he kept his promise of some eight years ago. She rolled to her side and began to remember their time in the academy together then to their separation. They both wanted to honor their families and doing their duty to Star Fleet was first.

Still she thought of the old way, the Klingon way-Honor to the Empire, Honor to your Family, Honor to Yourself. She had accomplished the first two. Now was the time to do the third. Jovak was from an Honorable family and her parents had thought highly of him. Now she must find out what his intentions were.

She fell asleep and dreamed of her younger days with him.

She was awakened with a chime on her door.

She opened the door and found an Ensign carrying the rest of her things, just place it over there. He put everything in the corner of the room and She'Mott noticed a box that was not hers.

Excuse me Ensign this is not mine. "Well ma'am I can't read Klingon, it must belong to the man down the hall that just arrived." he said.

"You mean Lt. Jovak?" she asked "Yes ma'am I believe so, he is the new head of security, and from what I have heard, he not to be messed with." said the young man stumbling.

"Give me his room number, I will take it to him, I have known him a long time." she said.

The ensign told her what room she took the box to him, Jovak opened the door.

"What do you think you are doing placing your objects with mine, do you think I am responsible for the care of you." she pushed him back into his room and shoved the box in his arms. "Look at this mess, you are a pig, you are not worthy to be on this ship!" she yelled. She turned to leave and caught his looks out of the corner of her eye. She had accomplished her dead.

She left him standing there with a smile on his face, he knew the Klingon way too. She was still in love with him after all these years. This was going to be an interesting move for his career and maybe his future.

Emily had been back on board the ship after the battle on verath 3 for a couple of hours she was walking around the marine area she hadn't had time to get it changed to special operations area yet but she would get round to it well that was history here she was sat in her office waiting for her shift on the bridge to start just catching up on some paperwork all the marines were busy fixing equipment and the ember so it wasn't hard to find some peace and quiet she looked up as O'Reilly walked in he didn't look very happy "what is it seargent major?" Emily asked when he didn't say anything she tried again "Tim what is it?" this time he passed her a PADD

Emily began to read what it said "Seargent Major Tim O'Reilly you are being transferred to the USS Spirit at 18:00 hours tomorrow you will assume the position of 2nd lieutenant and the position of Special Operations Commanding Officer

Yours Admiral Adam Heimler of the UFP" Emily blinked when she read the admirals name she couldn't believe it "To heck with this order" Emily said then to O'Reilly "I'll have a word with Hilder about this see If I can get it revoked if not I'll take it to the federation council but as far as I'm concerned you're not going anywhere" O'Reilly smiled and turned to leave "one more thing Tim congratulations on the promotion" "what promotion?" "this one" Emily threw a pip to him "Get those seargent major stripes off your uniform mate you're a 2nd lieutenant now well acting at least." Emily said

5 minutes later and Emily was racing to the bridge she walked into the turbolift and was joined by a klingon who she didn't recognise the turbolift set off for the bridge "and you are?" Emily asked "Lt She'Mott cheif Science Officer" "Lt Col Emily Sullivan Special Operations Commanding Officer and Second Officer"

they got on the bridge and Emily showed She'Mott round and introduced all the officers eventually they reached science "Lt She'Mott meet Captain Laura Williamson, Don't worry shes not the ships Commanding Officer thats Captain Rantonia whos not on duty yet captain Williamson commands the USS Waterdragon and is compiling a report on our prototype AT56 torpedoes if you want more infomation you should see senior commander Hansman about it"

Williamson left and She'Mott took her position "Mr Munitiz lay in a course for Indrii Prime via the neutral zone theres some unfinished business there" Emily ordered "course plotted and laid in" "engage"

Jovak regain counciosness about what just happened its been a while since a female Kligion just barged in his roon shouting at him. She'mott still had it after all this time still had what it took to make herself attractive to him. However he couldn't let her know that.

He placed the box of whatever it was she handed him a side and went to the bridge saw her talking to the XO of the vessel "thanks for the delivery" he said to her "oh you must be our other recrit, i am Col Emily Sulliva" Em turned to him "yes i am Lt Jovak, nice to meet you and i came onboard with Lt She'mott so i know her as well" he replied to the ladies

As Rob sat in the main sickbay, he missed his family, it was three years, and he had yet to try and contact his family from home, his parents and his sister. He was not too concerned about his brother, after all it was on his ship that he went thru the temporal jump.

His head throbbed, he rubbed his temples, according to starfleet medical these headaches were apart of temporal sickness, the internal clocks of one person is attempting to collide with the current time frame.

It was hard, what if he were to remain in the current time, what if the Dragon never jumped ship so to speak? What would of happened, would he had followed the long line of Dragomire's before him that went the way of command? Would he be working at Starfleet Medical back on earth? No one knows... and his headache was getting worse, temporal sciences always did this to him. He pushed back from his desk. This was weird he had never been to the bridge, no time like the present. He got up, and laid out a notepad for the young woman who was going to continue her training with him, stating to contact him when she arrived in sickbay. He prepared alot of information on xenobiology, and dentistry. He was going to train her the same way his mother him.

As he left the main sickbay, he made his way to the main turbolift, the corridors on the Prometheus were definately smaller than those of the G.3. As the doors opened he noticed the new officers, chief science and security, he figured there was something they were hiding, but obviously it was not something to worry about. He saw the beautiful woman sitting in the command chair, she was truly entoxicating.

"Anything we can do for you doctor?" her soft voice chirped its way into his ears. "No no, Colonel, just thought i would come up i have sometime before Hansman's niece comes to join me in the sickbay." He explained. "Well grab a seat." she offered the Crusher chair, Dr. Crusher from the Enterprise-D usually sat here when she was on the bridge, so starfleet took it upon themselves to name the chair after her. He walked down the causeway and joined the second officer in the command triage seats. "Colonel recieving a message, it is a federation emergency beacon." one of the officers reported from the back, she was relatively young, and not as dashing as the colonel. "Ensign Lilly, On screen." Sullivan barked. "Audio only." Calla replied. "On speakers than." Sullivan grew weary. "This is a quaranteen field, please do not enter this area. This sector has been comprimised. Refrain from entering this sector. Should you require to refill on supplies, Tetran 9 is offering up their supplies. Thank you." "The message repeats colonel." Ens Calla Lilly reported "You heard them, set course Tetran 9." she sat back, Rob could tell she was thinking something...

"Sir we are receiving a message from Indrii Prime not to enter the base. There is a blockade and something about a temporal rift foam that is eating the ships. We are being told not to come in at warp and to enter slowly on impulse as to not disturb the foam?' She'mott said looking at her science console.

"what in the world?" she said out loud.

"What is it?" said Bertus

"Sir, this foam is alive and it is constantly growing, the Wayfarer and her crew are under attack from the foam. It is running rampant thru the ship!' she said.

"Ok. lets keep and ear out and see if there is anything we can do to help, also slow to impulse and I guess we will crawl back to the base. There better be a good explanation for all this." said Bertus.

She'mott sat at her station gathering as much data as she could, she got a link to the Wayfarer's computer data so she could study the information they had received. Looking over it was like looking at a new species. It was constantly growing and eating. She listen as the Wayfarer tried to stay ahead of the foam. Trying to corner it. The trip to the base was going to long and slow and painful to listen too. "It really sucks not to be able to help." she thought

"Emily we're as close as our course takes us to the neutral zone" Munitiz said "thanks" Emily said "Bertus I'm ok to tie up something" "you sure are"

Emily headed down to the shuttle bay where they launched 2 shuttles one had O'Reilly and Cunningham in the other had Emily and H'Daen in as well as the promptly released Lt Sarens body.

in the middle of the shuttle a pyre had been made with Sarens body on it Private Moore had done a good job of reconstructing his face and then placing the Lt pips on his collar Emily looked over at H'Daen "You sure you want to do this?" she asked "yeah" "Computer set course for romulus engage only when Lt Col Sullivan and Commander H'Daen have left the ship" the computer chimed its understanding meanwhile Emily turned back to where Sarens body lay "Lt Saren was a great person he came onto the Firebreather just after we had a run in with Izenians he single handedly saved senior commander Hansmans life when he carried him through the forest of an M class planet he assisted me when he didn'thave to and often went above and beyond the call of duty he was a deserter thats no crime he was a starfleet officer then and he remained a starfleet officer until his death which unfortunatley was at my hands" Emily said "see you in the next life Brother" H'Daen said

then together Emily took a phaser while H'Daen took a disruptor and they set fire to the wood the pyre was built on they waited until the body was burning "Computer activate auto-destruct sequence authorisation Sullivan Epsilon delta 711 15 minutes silent countdown" Emily said "countdown commencing" the computer said "Cunningham beam us out" Emily said

they beamed out and the shuttle with Sarens body headed off towards the neutral zone.

Back on the firebreather Emily found herself battling within herself that fairwell to Saren had reminded her of something her feelings for Bertus she had to tell him and she was alone so now was a good time to and he should be off the bridge "Bertus its Emily you're off the bridge right?" Emily said "yeah Andre took over about 5 minutes ago" "can you get to my quarters I have something to tell you" "2 minutes"

(2 minutes later)

Bertus walked through the door into Emilys quarters "hi Emily" Bertus said "Bertus" "you wanted to tell me something?" "yes" "which is?"

Emily took a deep breath and looked him in the eye "I love you Bertus"

She'Mott was studying the information she had received from the data stream link she had made with the Indrii Prime computer.

She heard in the background somewhere that they were redirected to a space station Tertran 9. She had been there before and wasn't interested in leaving the data she was receiving. It was like a good book you couldn't put down. She hovered over the console making changes, writing things on a PADD she held in her hand. Oblivious to her surroundings never even looking up to see the watch change.

Her stomach finally made her realize she needed to eat. She looked around and no one looked familiar to her. she went to move and was stiff. She stood to stretch and move her legs. "oh, i sat too long." she commented and left for the turbo lift taking the PADD she had been putting notes on with her.

She found the mess hall after two wrong turns and got a tray. She looked around and didn't see anyone she had met earlier. "Good, I can eat and work, no one to bother me." she said to herself placing a sandwich and some fruit on her tray. She made her way to a corner table and sat down to eat.

Studying the PADD again she became engrossed in the info she had written. Some one came next to her and sat down at her table. She looked up.

"Jovak why do you disgust me with your presence." she said to him.

"You know She'mott, I would take that as an insult if I didn't know better." he said smiling at her.

"So you think you know me. Not well enough anymore sir. It has been a long time. I know you not." she stood and started to leave taking her tray and the small bowl of fruit. She hurried out of the mess hall and stopped. "damn I left the PADD" she turned and Jovak was standing with the PADD in hand. "Forget something?"he asked

She snatched the PADD from his hand and turned to leave.

She'mott grabbed the PADD out of Jovak hands in such a flash. She still acted nasty to him which is how female Kligions act to another male Kligion she was attracted to.

She turned around and walked out her long golden waved in the fashion it used to. She still had quite a figure. Nice bod with a very nice butt. She was shorte than other kligion women but she never let her size bring her down.

Deep down she was as much a warrior as the rest of them. She keept herself disgusting enough and that was the way he liked her.

Bertus had looked like he was ready with an answer when O'Reilly appeared at the doorway "Emily something important just came up" he said "ok Bertus talk to me later" Emily said

O'Reilly walked with Emily down the corridor "what is it?" she asked "we know who the last Roman is Emily it took us a couple of months but we know" "who?" "admiral Heimler" "typical the same guy who relieves Captain Rantonia of command turns out to be roman" "not fully roman but has roman blood in him" "nice work 2nd leftenant"

Emily walked to the holodeck where she loaded up a program that took her to a tomb beside her a holographic sword appeared she took it and walked forward. She slammed the sword point first into the ground infront of the tomb and then knelt still clutching the sword hilt. "I only want to know what it would mean if I lost against Heimler as I'm now sure that we will meet in combat. I only ask that if I die you help guide my friends" tears began to flow from her eyes "my Family and help them get over my death watch over them all especially those closest to me Andre,Bertus,Karina,Rob and Tim allow them to live if I die" Emily said before continuing "But I'm not as sure as I once was what killing the last Roman would accomplish except the lifting of a curse which has been in place far too long."

now Emily stood up "As you once said Queen Dido of carthage long dead your final words were 'let them fight shore against shore, sea against sea sword against sword to the last generatiion' and so that shall hold me and Heimler will meet and it will be ethier me or him that prevails but I'll go down fighting if its my time!" Emily shouted

End Of Mission Notes

wow four parts and the start of the Firebreather's best crew

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