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One of the founding fathers of GAJ, along with Solid Snake. He was a regular poster until just before the Free Forum World Crash. The less recognisable of the leaders of GAJ, most likely due to his early dissapearance, but still a prominent member. IN very late June, he returned to GAJ2, finally locating it once more.

His Time on GAJ

ATHF Freak made the board along with Snake. He set up the skins and all of those related things for the Free Forum World GAJ. Although he helped to make GAJ, he really didnt take on a true leadership role: he kind of stood on the sidelines in that department and just helped where he needed to.

What Users Think of ATHF Freak

  • Dude! What does the ATHF stand for? Admirably Tantalising and Helpful Floozies? Gimme a break - Random Hobo Number 401.
    • Most likely its Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Ian0723

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