Please indicate the following:

School size, rank/position, starting salary, teaching load, geographical region, urban/rural, misc comments. Please specify as well candidate status and job level: ABD, Post-Doc, TT, non-TT, starting Assistant, advanced Assistant, Associate, etc. since these factors influence salary levels too. Would be interesting to see gender given that everyone says women receive lower innitial offers and are less likely to negotiate! For example: Research I, starting assistant prof., $54k, 2/3, midwest, small city, negotiated up from $53k

  • Public RU/H, deep south, asst. prof, female with 5 yrs. experience in another t-t, 3/3--negotiated for 2 yrs. off tenure clock and 52K up from initial offer of 45K.
  • Small, religious-affiliated private liberal arts U, asst. prof., 58K, 3/3, west coast, metropolitan area, ABD at hiring. Accepted initial offer (attempts to negotiate stymied), male
  • Public DRU, large Great Lakes city, 50K base + 7.8K minimum summer stipend, 2/2 load (split betweem admin and 1/1 teaching), TT Asst. Prof with two years prior teaching exp. (negotiated up from 49K), male
  • Private RU/H (Catholic), mid-west, 50K, 2/2 load, TT starting asst. lit. prof. (female ABD, negotiated up from 48K)
  • Public R2 or RU/H, mid- to southern atlantic, small city, $52K, 2/3 load (2/2 first year), TT, starting Asst. Prof. (two-years teaching exp., negotiated up from $50K)
  • Small, private liberal arts college, southeast, 44k, 3/2 load (VAP, accepted initial offer)
  • Private RU/H (so-called "R2"), mid-Atlantic, urban, 57K, 2/2 load, TT starting asst. lit. prof. (ABD, negotiated up from 54K)
  • Top-100 liberal arts college, midatlantic region, 3/3 load, TT Asst. Prof, 48K (negotiated up from 46K)
  • Public R1, mid-west, 50K, 2/2 load, TT starting Asst. Prof (negotiated up from 47K)
  • Private Catholic, northeast, $48K, 4/4 TT asst. prof (asked for more, but got initial offer up from $47K; brand new Ph.D, female
  • Comprehensive private univ, major metropolitan area on the west coast, 3/3 load, starting assistant professors offered 60K but advanced assistant professors offered an additional $1500 for each year of teaching experience
  • RU/VA, east coast, 62k, TT,2/2 t-load, beginning asst. prof. (negotiated up from 60k)
  • R1, Private, east coast, 65k, TT, 2/2, asst. prof. (after postdoc, no negotiation, female)
  • Public R1, southeast, advanced assistant prof, $61K, 2/2 (negotiated)
  • Public R1, southeast, starting asst. prof, $48k, 2/3 (tried to negotiate, failed)
  • Public R1, southeast, starting asst., $52k, 2/2 (accepted initial offer)
  • Public R1, west coast, starting asst., $56k, TT, 2/2 (accepted initial offer)
  • Public lib arts (but part of state system), northeast, small city, 3/3 load (2/3 first year), starting assist prof but w 8 yrs teaching experience (3 years post-PhD), $48k (negotiated up from $47k)
  • Public R1, southeast, small city, starting asst. prof. (ABD at time of hire), 2/2, $53K
  • Private SLAC (Methodist Church-related), $43K, 4/4 (with course reductions to 3/3), TT starting Assistant (tried to negotiate, failed), male
  • Private SLAC, Midwest, rural, 3/3, assistant professor, $45K
  • Public, PhD granting, small-to-mid-sized Mid/West city, 3/3 assistant, 49K (negotiated up from 44K) female ABD
  • Private SLAC, south Atlantic, mid-sized city, 52K (negotiated up from 51K), 3/3, TT, Asst. Prof., 2 years teaching exp., male
  • Public RU/H, northeast, small city, 55K (negotiated up from 52K), 2/3, TT, asst. prof., 2 years teaching experience
  • Public comprehensive, southeast small city, starting asst. prof., TT, 4/4, $41k
  • Private SLAC, rural South, starting assistant professor, TT, 4/4, $37K (negotiated leave time and summer funding, but they would not budge on the base salary), female, PhD in hand
  • Private SLAC in rural midwest, VAP, 4/4, $38k + modest relocation fee (accepted original offer; female, PhD this year)
  • Public comprehensive, mid-Atlantic, urban, 48K (negotiated up from 47K), 3/3, TT, asst. prof, 2 years teaching exp., male
  • Public SLAC, rural Midwest, 43K (fixed offer), TT, 4/4, female, PhD in hand
  • Public Master's/L, southeast (close to major city), TT Asst. Prof (newly minted Ph.D.), 3/3, 48K (no negotiation, 51K 2nd year), male
  • Public urban university in northeast, 56K (negotiated up from 54K), 2/2 until tenure, TT starting Asst. Prof., 3 years teaching exp.
  • Public (CSU) BA-only, north Bay Area, CA: $51,000 (negociated from 48K), Asst. Prof., 4/4.
  • Private SLAC, urban: 53K (negotiated from 51K), 2/3, female w/ 2 years of experience
  • Private, Florida, Generalist position, TT Asst. Prof (first year on market) 55K (no negotiation), 3/3 first year, 4/3 pre-tenure, 4/4 post-tenure, female
  • Public R1, midwest, urban: 60k (no negotiation), 2/2, starting assistant professor, TT, ABD.
  • Public RU/H, southeast, TT Asst. Prof (ABD), 55k, 3/2 (2/2 first year)

From Rhet-Comp "Starting Salaries":

  • Q: Can someone clarify the distinction between R1 and R2 universities? I've been wondering about that for some time. Thanks!
  • A: I believe this is basically following the Carnegie Foundation Classifications:

For instance, R1 is *roughly* equivalent to the RU/VH category (Research University, Very Active); R2 roughly = RU/H (Research University, High Activity). Examples of R1: Harvard, Stanford, U. Chicago, UT Austin, etc., Examples of R2: Boston College, William & Mary, Rutgers, Miami U. in Ohio, et al

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