This is the fourteenth season pilot.


Bash and Dash insult Thomas in the shed, by calling him a " stinking, idiot, stupid blue teapot". They think Thomas is too sleepy to work, and then they insult Henrietta, Annie, and Clarabel at the yard by calling them "useless pig trucks". Then, they meet Murdoch at the Crovan's Gate. Murdoch becomes speechless, and they puffed furiously away. Then, their driver told them to collect Annie and Clarabel, but they say "Coaches, Coaches, we won't, so there!" Then, they deliberately destroy the tracks by bending them out, trying to cut them, and derailing themselves. Sir Topham Hatt scolds the two severely, and they stay in their shed as punishment.

Featured Characters

  • Thomas
  • Bash and Dash
  • Murdoch
  • Annie and Clarabel
  • Henrietta
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Percy (cameo)
  • James (cameo)
  • Gordon (cameo)
  • Drivers


Narrator: The engines on Sodor were very busy. They take goods and passangers to their destinations. Thomas the Tank Engine enjoys being the most useful engine of all and worked on his Branch Line with Annie and Clarebel. One day, he was resting in the sheds.

Thomas: (yawns) What a beatiful day. Good morning, Sodor! Good morning, Tidmouth Sheds! Good morning, my friends!

Narrator: Suddenly, Bash and Dash arrived at the sheds. He started to cause trouble.

Bash and Dash: Yeah, what in the world's that stinking, idiot, stupid blue teapot?! It's ugly Thomas, isn't it?!

Narrator: Thomas was alarmed.

Thomas: I'm not a stinking, stupid, idiot teapot!

Bash and Dash: Yes you are!

Thomas: No, I'm not!

Narrator: Just then, Sir Topham Hatt arrived at Tidmouth Sheds.

Sir Topham Hatt: You have to collect Annie, Clarebel and Henriatta.

Bash: We're tired!

Dash: Let Thomas go! He'll love it!

Sir Topham Hatt: You have to do it as your told.

Narrator: Soon the twins arrived at the yards.

Bash and Dash: Whatever next! Those aren't coaches, they're useless pig trucks!

Annie, Clarabel, and Henrietta: Oh! What horrid twin engines!

Bash and Dash: They're not what we're used to!

Narrator: And they puffed furiously away. Soon, they were at the station.

Murdoch: Hello, who are you?

Bash and Dash: We're Bash and Dash.

Murdoch: Nice meeting you.

Bash and Dash: Sorry, can't stop, we've got to puff away.

Narrator: Murdoch was speechless!

Narrator: Soon enough, they puffed away.

Drivers: We've got to collect Annie and Clarabel immediately!

Bash and Dash: Coaches! Coaches! We won't! So there! They're stinking pig trucks!

Narrator: Soon, they caused a great deal of trouble.

Bash and Dash: Told you!

Narrator: Soon, Thomas came to pull Bash and Dash back on the rails. Bash and Dash felt silly. There stood Sir Topham Hatt! His message to Bash and Dash was ruined and blocked

Sir Topham Hatt: I shall talk to you two later!

Narrator: Bash and Dash felt sillier and still. Soon, they arrived at the shed. Sir Topham Hatt was very cross.

Sir Topham Hatt: You two are very naughty engines! I would like to know when you can behave yourselves, and learn yourselves better names!

Narrator: Soon, they got punished in the shed to sulk.


This plot is similar to "A Bad Day for Sir Handel".

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