A Beautiful Afternoon is a Sandra episode.


  • Nicolette is having a beautiful afternoon. So she removes her normal outfit, puts on the Shirley Fenette outfit and nude tights and starts having fun.


  • Nicolette


Part 1

  • (We see Nicolette in her room)
  • Nicolette: (sighs) A beautiful afternoon. Well, time for a Shirley Fenette day to do.
  • (Nicolette removes her normal clothes and shoes and puts on the nude tights and the Shirley Fenette outfit)
  • Nicolette: Ta-da! Sexy am i?
  • (Nicolette jumps to her bed)
  • Nicolette: Let me see. (turns on the tv)
  • Lady: Just look at this mess, young lady clean it up right now!
  • Young Girl: But, mommy.
  • Lady: If you can't clean your room up i'll ground you.
  • Young Girl: I'll clean it!
  • Lady: Well then do it! (slams the door shut)
  • Young Girl: Here goes (cleans up her room at a time lapsed speed)
  • Nicolette: I'll re-enact this scene. Only if i had to organize everything, my room is in a big mess! Well i'll clean it up.
  • (Nicolette cleans up her room at a time lapsed speed just like a young girl)
  • Nicolette: All organized. (jumps back to her bed) I'm so cute.
  • (Nicolette starts dancing in her bed)
  • Nicolette:

Part 2

Part 3

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