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What if Series 5 was made in 1989, with Ringo Starr narrating in both UK and Us audiences? Here's one of them. I used my homemade models, a camera, and settings, which are similar to Series 2 ones. I used my Ringo Starr impression.

Music included

  1. Eacape Intro (Start)
  2. Gordon's Season 1-4 theme (from "Time for Trouble") (when Gordon puffs to the new station)
  3. "Silly" music (customized Season 3 variant) (when Gordon thinks it's a boring view)
  4. Gordon's Season 3-4 theme (1st part) (heard in Gordon and the Famous Visitor") (when Gordon puffs along the line with his coaches)
  5. Gordon's Silly Theme (when James arrives)
  6. Season 3-4 Runaway Theme (when Gordon goes too fast and crashes into the station)
  7. Sir Topham Hatt's Season 3-4 theme (when Sir Topham Hatt tells Gordon that he knows he wants a perdianic view)
  8. Gordon's Season 3-4 theme (last part) (when Gordon goes yo the new station for a second official opening)


  • Ringo Starr: One morning, Gordon the big engine was grumpy. This was making James cross


  • BJ the Yellow Dinosaur: Aww, cool! This is great and better than the 1998 version!
    • ThomasBarneyLinnyandHomerFan: Thanks!

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