A Big Day For Thomas & Other Stories (with Ringo Starr, Strand Home Video version) - Part One

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Note:I knew it was a Misleading Title 

Description: Here's part one of the Strand Home Video version of Finders Keepers For Dirtgirl & Other Episodes. This part features: Strand Home Video FBI Warning, Strand Home Video Logo, Hanna Barbera Presents Logo, Dirtgirl & Friends Season 1 Intro, Finders Keepers For Dirtgirl, Nameplates after Finders Keepers For Dirtgirl, Dirtgirl Is Lost and Nameplates after Dirtgirl Is Lost

Opening Credits

  • Based on The PBS Kids Sprout Series By The REV.W.AWDRY
  • Adaptation by WARNER BROS.
  • Told by GREG PROOPS


Finders Keepers For Dirtgirl

  • Greg Proops: Dirtgirl could count by twos and tie his shoes. He also plant a sead and grow in vegetables. But Dirtgirl was very special. He can't find a camera.
  • Dirtgirl: Finders Keepers, oh my!
  • Greg Proops: Said Dirtgirl.
  • Ken: But, Dirtgirl. You have to be attention. I'll be right back!
  • Greg Proops: Said Ken.
  • Dirtgirl: Say "Chesse!"
  • Greg Proops: Said Dirtgirl as he snapped a picture of Ken.
  • Grubby: Ken! Where are you?
  • Greg Proops: Called Grubby.
  • Grubby: Ken's back!
  • Ken: Now where's the camera?
  • Greg Proops: Said Ken.
  • Dirtgirl: Help us call camera. Say it with us!
  • Greg Proops: Said Dirtgirl.
  • All: Here, Camera!
  • Dirtgirl: Say it again. Say: "Here, Camera!". Louder!
  • Greg Proops: Said Dirtgirl.
  • All: Here, Camera!
  • Dirtgirl: Say it one more time.
  • Greg Proops: Dirtgirl Said.
  • All: Here, Camera!
  • Dirtgirl: Thanks for helping everybody call him.
  • Ken: Now let's go to the police station.
  • Dirtgirl: We're at the police station!
  • Ken: Take a look at 10 pictures,
  • Greg Proops: Said Ken. As he look 10 pictures and everybody laugh.
  • Dirtgirl: The camera belongs to the Elephant family.
  • Greg Proops: Said Dirtgirl.
  • Ken: Everybody hold stil, Dirtgirl. Say "Cheese!", everybody.
  • All: Cheese!
  • Greg Proops: And he did.
  • Scrapboy: That's what friends are for.

Nameplates after Finders Keepers For Dirtgirl

  • Dirtgirl
  • Scrapboy
  • Ken
  • Grubby

Dirtgirl Is Lost

  • Greg Proops: Dirtgirl could slide down on a riverbank. He could learn all about working together and animals. But Dirtgirl wasn't he go into the woods.
  • Dirtgirl: Ken, how you be a big million?
  • Greg Proops: Said Dirtgirl.
  • Ken: And Dirtgirl wasn't scared that anything in the woods.
  • Greg Proops: Said Ken.
  • Dirtgirl: Let's go to Veggie Garden!
  • Ken: Okay, Dirtgirl.
  • Greg Proops: Dirtgirl & Ken got outside and Dirtgirl tell what's for lunch, Scrapboy.
  • Dirtgirl: I'm starving.
  • Greg Proops: Said Dirtgirl.
  • Ken: Me too.
  • Dirtgirl: What's for lunch, Scrapboy?
  • Scrapboy: You're favorite... Fly salad.
  • Greg Proops: Said Scrapboy.
  • Ken: I had fly salad, too.
  • Dirtgirl: Let's eat!
  • Greg Proops: After fly salad, Dirtgirl is going out into the woods.
  • Penguin: Let's say asaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah together!
  • Penguin: Dirtgirl yells in the cave.
  • Scrapboy: There you are, Dirtgirl.
  • Grubby: Let's take you home.
  • Penguin: And so I did a great big job, full of jobs.
  • Penguin, Mrs. & Mr. Penguin: Exploring!
  • Greg Proops: And that's what they did.

Nameplates after Dirtgirl Is Lost

  • Dirtgirl
  • Scrapboy
  • Ken
  • Grubby

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