< Tiger the Cat and Friends

Tiger was grumbling to the other mices, a squid and a starfish; he was tired of driving carriages about and wanted to drive a bus himself. The Mices, a Squid and a Starfish only laughed. They knew that "Tiger was a Orange Cat with a long tounge". But one night, Squidward Has a Fever. The workmen worked hard through the night, but the squid didn't get better. Squidward always pulls the first carriages, but with him out of commision, Tiger hopes that he will be able to drive it. At the station, everyone is waiting for Squidward. At last Daily Reed agrees that Tiger will have to drive the carriage. No one knows what happened next, but Tiger is not coupled to the carriage when he puffs off.

As Tiger puffs along, people wave and shout at him. Tiger assumes that it is because they have never seen him pull a carriage train before and he whistles back. Soon, Tiger comes to a signal set at "danger" and has to stop. The signalman walks over to Tiger and asks him what he's doing. Tiger tells the signalman he's pulling a carriage, but the signalman informs Tiger that he is not pulling anything. Tiger is so sad that he nearly cries. He quickly reverses back to the station to start again. At the station, the angry passengers are complaining, but when they see how sorry Tiger looks they soon forget to be cross. Tiger is now coupled to the train and this time he really does pull it.

But for a long time afterwards, the mice and a squid teased Tiger for his mistake.

  • Tiger as Thomas
  • Squidward (Spongebob) as Henry
  • Papa Mousekewitz as Gordon
  • Daily Reed as Sir Topham Hat

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