Plot Summary

It's a new beginning at Shining Time Station, and ever since Dan Jones, Ginny Johnson and Midge Smoot passed away and Stacy retired to spend more time with the new kids, Matt is now in charge of the station manager's desk, Becky is now in charge of the fortune telling business and Kara is now in charge of the farming business. However, when Felix accidentally knocks over Craig's remote control helicopter and the propeller falls right off of it, they go right over to Stacy for some help on this problem and Mr. Conductor tells them a Thomas and Friends story that he tells him. Later, he eventually makes it up to Craig and puts the propeller back n the remote control helicopter.

Thomas and Friends story segment

Rosie, Neville and the Fruitiful Afternoon

Trivia Notice

Mr. Conductor tells them the sequel story to Percy, James and the Fruitiful Day called Rosie, Neville and the Fruitiful Afternoon.

Jukebox Band song

We Can Work it Out


A Brand New Beginning transcript

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