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Welcome to A Brief History, a wiki unlike anylike other. A Brief History is part creative writing exercise, part historical investigation and part attempt to discover what the internet thinks it is.

How does it work?

A Brief History is a play, written via the contributions of people like you. This play is about the internet, and how users of the internet view themselves and what they do. Anyone to have heard the word "internet" (or your local language equivalent) is welcome to contribute. I want this wiki to gather as many impressions, experiences and anecdotes as it can, from veterans to newcomers, young to old, enthused to cynical and every shade of grey in between. Contributions can take the form of fragments of the script for the play, designs for the characters' costumes or the set (in written or pictoral form), or just ideas as to where this thing is going to go next. At the end of each fragment of script, you're welcome to post your idea about how the plot should develop from there. As the play diverges, keep adding on to the different storylines. Need to introduce a new character or setting? Post a description how they should look or sound. Read the fragments of the play until you decide where you want to add your version of the play, then create a new page for your fragment. Remember to link it to the old fragment, so people can see it. It all starts here (Fragment 1)