A Bruise is the third episode of the third season of Thomas' Railway Adventures.


Emily ends up in an accident, and needs to go slowly while on a temporary tire. Emily feels depressed about going slowly, but feels better when her slow movement helps Jimbo up Gordon's hill.


  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Emily
  • Clyde
  • Victor
  • Nigel
  • Jimbo
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Neville (cameo)
  • Eagle (does not speak)
  • Duck (cameo)
  • Donald or Douglas (tender cameo)
  • Molly (cameo)
  • Dennis (cameo)
  • Ned (non-speaking role)
  • Kevin (non-speaking role)
  • Zack (mentioned)


Narrator: Emily is a caring and loving green engine who lives on Sodor. She is the last of a dying breed. She mainly works at Ffarquhar branch line. Sometimes in winter, she and other engines like Edward and Clyde work at the Sodor Sudrian Factory. It makes things like glass, rubber, bricks, coal, fake wood, and pipes. Mercifully, this year brought little snow, but lots of ice. One afternoon, she was talking to Eagle.

Emily: Ugh, I can't stand icy rails! Why can't the weather be good in winter? Edward: Weather's dangerous in winter, Emily. It can cause a lot of accidents.

Narrator: Emily blew off steam, frustrated. She was pushing a load of rubber and bricks to the harbor. The closest, but slowest, track went over Tidmouth Crossing. Emily was always afraid to come here, worrying she could get hit by another train. She looked down the opposite line on the crossing through some buildings. There was a whistle, and steam emerged over the rooftops. Nigel the LNER Class C1 was coming along with the express.

Emily's driver: Come on Emily. We can beat him.

Narrator: Emily's driver was wrong. He didn't know that Nigel was closer than thought. But Emily knew. Emily slid as she started. She could have made it across successfully if it hadn't been for the ice. Her train got across, but by the time she was almost over, her wheels covered the crossing! Her driver tried hard, but the ice only made Emily slide. It was too late for Nigel to stop.

Nigel: Oh, no! I can't stop!

Narrator: His front end jammed firmly into Emily's drive wheels. They were severely damaged.

Emily: {moans} Owww...

Nigel: {groans} Ohh, bloody hell! I can't move!

Narrator: Soon, Victor and Kevin of Sodor Steamworks arrived and separated them. Nigel's front was torn up, and a buffer was missing.

Nigel: I'm sorry about the accident, Emily.

Emily: That's all right. It's not your fault.

Narrator: Victor and Kevin took the two Holden build engines to the Sodor Steamworks. In the meantime, a fitter was repairing Molly.

Emily: {thinking} I hope this goes well.

Narrator: The fitter finished repairing Emily. He had put a temporary tire around her more damaged drive wheel.

Victor: Okay, Emily, it's all fixed. But I suggest you move slowly. You might make that wheel come loose.

Narrator: Emily's train had been taken away by Zack. Emily sighed miserably.

Emily: {sadly} Aww, man. No more speed for me. I hope this tire comes off soon. Why do they call it a tire? It isn't made of rubber like a car's.

Emily's driver: It's what holds your wheels on the rails. Your old one was unrepairable, so you'll use this one until a new tire is made.

Narrator: Emily sighed again, and headed back to the sheds. When she arrived, Edward and Clyde had heard of the accident, and felt sorry for their friend.

Edward: Hello Emily! I heard about the accident from Gordon.

Emily: I don't have accidents.

Clyde: Well, there was icy rails and a ladder falling on you...

Emily: Clyde, just shut up.

Narrator: While a new tire for Emily's wheel was being made, Emily had to take slow goods trains on the main line. She didn't like that very much for a reason - James kept teasing her about it.

James: Hey, look - it's slow coach Emily!

Emily: Hey, shut up! If you had a throat and I had hands, I would strangle you!

Narrator: Needless to say, Emily wasn't very pleased a bit. For the next few days, her new tire didn't come, because a few workmen had caught a cold due to the weather. One morning, Emily, as usual, woke up looking absolutely crabby.

Emily: It isn't fair! First I have an accident at the crossing, and now Eagle breaks down!

Narrator: Presently, a work order arrived for Emily to do some shunting. As she started off, James teased her again.

James: Slow coach Emily!

Emily: {angrier} Right, so that's it!

Narrator: Emily was furious, and her safety valves hissed furiously, filling the shed with ash and steam.

Henry: {choking} This is just ducky, Emily!

Gordon: {coughing} MY LOVELY BLUE PAINTWORK!!!

James: What'd you do that for? {coughs} Drop your fire?!

Gordon: {angry} Don't even joke, James! It's very undignified for an engine!

Narrator: Emily was still grumbling while she was shunting trucks in the yard. Presently, the same pesky yard manager arrived with a work order for Emily.

Emily: I don't want another work order! Have Donald and Douglas do it!

Narrator: The manager wouldn't hear of it however, and Emily collected a string of trucks for her trip to the scrapyard. Emily remained in a bad temper during the entire trip. Later, Emily was puffing slowly home, and she saw up ahead, Jimbo the V2, with a very heavy goods train and Ned, the Class 09, stuck on Gordon's hill. His driver and fireman were talking to him severely.

Jimbo's driver: You're not trying!

Jimbo: It's not my fault! It's those darn troublesome trucks! Now if the were coaches - clean sensible things that come quietly - that would be different.

Emily: I've come to help you get these trucks up the hill!

Jimbo: Oh, no, you might make your wheel come loose!

Narrator: Despite Jimbo's protests, they brought the train back to the bottom of the hill, and Emily came up to Ned and the brake van, ready to push. The train went slowly up the hill because of Emily's wheel.

Emily: {panting} I can do it! I will show James I really am useful!

Narrator: At last, Jimbo was at the top of the hill.

Jimbo: I've done it! Thank you Emily!

Narrator: Jimbo ran on so fast that he passed two stations before his driver could make him stop. Later that night, Emily puffed back to the sheds. Thomas, Percy, and James were there.

James: Emily, I'm sorry I made fun of your mishap. I knew it wasn't right.

Emily: Well, we all make mistakes.

Percy: Yeah, even conceited red engines.

James: Since when have I had an accident recently?

Percy: Well, there was troublesome trucks, and the circus tent...

James: Shut up.

Thomas: It's paste to be careful!

James: You'd do well to eat some glue yourself!

Narrator: Emily just smiled. Sir Topham Hatt came to see her.

Sir Topham Hatt: Emily, you have once again proved to me that you're a really useful engine. As a reward, I am sending you to the Sodor Steamworks for a new tire.

Thomas: Way to go, Emily!

Percy: Being slow does have good in it, sometimes.

Emily: Thanks, guys.

Narrator: Next day, she arrived at the Sodor Steamworks for her new tire. Emily is now happy she can move fast again, but knows slow engines can help other engines as well, as James found out.


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