P.T. Flea as DJ

Manny as Chowder

Dot as Jenny

Dim as The Monster House

Slim as Mr. Nebber Cracker

Aphie the Aphid as The Little Girl

Princess Atta as Elizibeth

Flik as Bones

Heimlich as Skull

Thorny as DJ's Dad

The Queen as DJ's Mom

Thumper and Hopper as Police Cops

Dr. Flora as Constance

Axel as Kevin the Dog

Loco as Star Police Car

Tuck as Skeleton

Roll as Monkey

The Flies as Soldiers

The Blueberries as Car

The Grasshoppers as Trick or Treat

Mr. Soil as Monster

Rain as The Flood

Cornelius as Crane

Rosie as Hand

Slick the Slug as Rabbit

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