Flik as Woody

Hopper as Buzz Lightyear

Francis as Mr. Potato Head

Cornelius as Slinky Dog

Slim as Rex

Heimlich as Hamm

Princess Atta as Bo Peep

Thorny as Sarge

Flies at Circus as Sarge Soldiers

Dot's 1 Boyfriends as Young Andy Davis

Cockroach Waitress as Mrs. Davis

The Bird as Baby Molly

Dot's 2 Boyfriends as Sid Phillips

Mosquito Waitress as Hannah Phillips

Aphie as Scud

Thumper as RC

Loco as Lenny

Axel as Mr. Shark

Thud as Snake

Mr. Soil as Robot

Molt as Etch

Dot as Mr. Spell

Manny as Rocky Gibraltar

Blueberry Troop Kids as Trolls Dolls

Mime Bug as Combat Carl

The Fly Brothers as Squeeze Toy Aliens Trio

Slick as Baby Face

Rosie as Mrs. Potato Head

Harry and Bug friend as Al

Gypsy as Jessie

Ant who shouts "I'm lost!" as Stinky Pete

Cricket with "Kid Pulled My Wings Off" sign as Bullseye

P.T. Flea as Lotso Huggin Bear

The Queen as Barbie

Ant that gets tired as Ken

Tuck as Stretch

Dim as Chatter Telephone

Roll as Jack-In-The-Box

Dr. Flora as Trixie

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