• The Ants: Hurry!
  • Narrator: Shouted the ants of Ant Island. Little Princess Dot and her troop led the circus. their fellow ant Flik had just come back from The City with of group warrior bugs: Heimlich the caterpillar, Slim the walking stick, Francis the ladybug, Rosie the spider, Manny the praying mantis, Gypsy the moth, Tuck and Roll the Hungarian pill bugs, and Dim the beetle. The ants thought the warrior bugs were going to help them fight the big, mean grasshoppers who wanted to steal their food! But the warrior bugs weren't there to fight. In fact, they weren't welly warriors-- they were clowns, trapeze artists, and acrobats.
  • Francis: We are circus bugs!
  • Narrator: Cried Francis angrily as he led the others from the banquet. They wanted to go back to the circus.
  • Flik: You can't go!
  • Narrator: Flik pleaded when he caught up with the buzz.
  • Flik: You have to stay and help me--
  • Narrator: But something suddenly scared Flik, And the bugs soon shiled what it was--a hungry bird! Meanwhile, Little Princess Dot had seen Flik, and the bugs leave the banquet. Dot wanted to find out what was going on, So she had taken to the sky on a dandelion puff. Looking down now she spotted Flik and the bugs running away. She didn't know they were running from a bird!
  • Dot: Flik!
  • Narrator: She called. Dot's calls the bird's attention.
  • Narrator: Dot screamed as the bird headed toward her. She lost her grip and started to fall. Francis heard the scream, and he flew to the rescue.
  • Francis: I gotcha, I gotcha!
  • Narrator: He called to Dot.

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