This was the first movie to have outtakes:

  • Hopper is doing his line of "Are you saying I'm stupid? Do I look stupid to you?", but Atta can't stop laughing, so they try the take again and she's still laughing. The third time, Atta says, "Yes!" with more laughing. Hopper is upset and says: "This is the fifteenth take, I cannot work like this, I will be in my trailer." Atta then says, "I need a break."
  • Rosie is doing her line of telling Flik that they are not fighting Grasshoppers, but is interrupted by someone hammering, so she tells them to stop. The bell rings and Slim asks if they can see him in the shot.
  • Flik grabs a piece of dandelion and shouts out Buzz's catchphrase of "To Infinity and Beyond!". The crew laughs and Flik apologizes saying that he couldn't resist.
  • Molt is asking Hopper why they should go back to Ant Island and Hopper jumps up and moves towards him, resulting in Molt accidentally knocking over the camera and apologizing.
  • When Flik and Atta get their antennae caught together, Flik is desperately trying to untangle them with Atta screaming in pain.
  • Dr. Flora is flirting with someone on the set who turns out to be a part of the set when she knocks him down. She apologizes and tells them to put him in her car.
  • Atta falls off the Council Chamber stand with everyone laughing.
  • Slim does the scene with Hopper after squeezing berry juice on his eye. He starts yelling that he's in real pain. Hopper laughs and Slim leaves, demanding that they stop the camera.
  • Aphie pees on the Queen's lap. Flik and the crew are laughing while she asks for a towel.
  • Thumper roars at Dot and then says that he's not coming across as scary. He says he could lather up a bunch of spit and asks for another take.
  • P.T. Flea smacks his face into the camera lens.
  • Slim tries to say his line, but can't stop laughing because Francis has something in his nose, which starts the others off too. Francis turns around to reveal a twig stuck in his nose. Everyone else laughs hysterically.
  • Mr. Soil is doing his scene with Dr. Flora who accidentally says Princess Abba instead of Atta. She laughs while Mr. Soil shakes his head and Woody appears with an upside-down movie clipboard to end the take.
  • The Circus Bugs are landing and Heimlich, who is being held by Dim, gets his face squashed on the camera lens.
  • Hopper is doing the scene of threatening Molt, when suddenly Molt apologizes for not saying his line because Hopper looked funny, which he asks for another take. The second time, Molt laughs and apologizes again saying that Hopper made him laugh and promises to get it right this time. The third time, he still ends up laughing.
  • Tuck and Roll are doing their acrobat scene that goes slightly wrong with both of them falling down, which they both laugh. The second time, they do it again with Roll landing on his head and back. The third time, Roll goes up into the air and doesn't come down again.
  • Slim swallows a bug while flying with Francis. He chokes and Francis laughs.
  • When Flik and Dot are doing the seed scene, Dot forgets her line. Everyone laughs.
  • Heimlich is about to get eaten by the Bird, when it breaks down, revealing it to be mechanical. Heimlich asks if they can break for lunch.
  • Rosie is with Tuck and Roll who have a burping contest. Suddenly, Roll farts and Rosie asks them to stop. She then leaves asking for Cindy on the phone, while the two pill bugs laugh.
  • Heimlich is eating every leaf he can when he suddenly falls out of Dim's grip.

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